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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stop Tolerating a Jezebel, Ahab, Absalom, and Laviathan Spirit In Your Church

A SHEPHERD is commanded to protect the sheep against anything that would try to destroy the church. As a prophetic voice we are to do the right thing and expose this thing for what it is. Love is sometimes tough LOVE! For the health of the church. This is a spirit, not a man, it's a spirit that attaches itself to people through pride and past wounds.
I know some people are easily offended and take everything said here in offense. But I have had over 15,000 hits on my blog just today and my ministry of warning is to more than your little 60 people. So if the shoe doesn't fit then don't wear it. I post a warning I will give the good, bad and the ugly side of ministry. If you are easily offended .....DONT READ IT
Jezebels always hate a prophetic voice...why because it exposes the bugs under the bed sheets.
Ultimate goal for a Jezebel, Ahab, Leviathan  Absalom spirit is always gain or keep control    
  Attacks leadership, overtly or subtly  
  Causes fear by using it for control often times through stories or fear based scriptures as means of intimidation. They create a feeling of flight, anger and discouragement, painting themselves as the victim to gain others support.   They seek to gather by twisting words and creating stories and lies to divide. They often paint their face differently to their family and friends. Their family and friends don't see the other side.So they are blinded to it.They put in a warning to not seek truth, because they are the truth. That is often why others can be deceived.

 Their whole goal:
is to divide the family and friends away from the shepherd. 
They manipulate by isolating those who don't go along with their ideas   
 Is a natural leader gaining good for groups of support
  Is insecure with unhealed wounds  
  Is deceptive, subtle, manipulative, often using fear and guilt to control people  
  Is proud, independent, rebellious  
  Takes an “Ahab” to let his or her be effective 
Very proud in nature and unable to control the tongue
Is truly unrepentant  
  Has a religious spirit know a lot about the bible but it's toungue is long  
  Has a history of hurting pastor after pastor

Another great resource is here
This pastor now has a church of 16 thousand. God would not allow them to be as blessed as they are if he was wrong. God Blesses TRUTH! They are still growing and impacting the world. This subject has devastated the body of Christ all around the world. Yet, people still allow that spirit to work in them all across the church today.
This is a must see for all Pastors.The last 15 min. are amazing! Please take the time to hear it all the way through.
Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding. It often requires control of one's emotional reactions (the "passions") so that universal principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's actions. Wisdom is also the comprehension of what is true coupled with optimum judgment as to action. Synonyms include: sagacity, discernment, or insight.
A vlog is coming soon on this subject. We have had to deal with this very thing in our the church to break it's barrier. It will be filmed on our College interview. If this has helped you, you may find the following to be helpful as well. Beware Pastor's wives one of the things Jezebel or a Leviathan tries to do is get as close as they can to the pastor to take them out or make an alliance. In doing that they can target you and form hidden agendas to come against you. Watch Daystar TV exposing this ugly thing. The old testiment is types and shadows for us today to learn from. The Ahab, Absalom, the Jezebel, the Leviathan Spirits that are sent or raised up to keep a church from growing or to try to completely destroy the church today. Pastors wives watch this. A man cannot take on a Jezebel Spirit for very long. It has to give it to a woman.     click below for more information
More about the Leviathan spirit. It was sent to our church through a woman that entered our church a year ago. Every since she stepped into our midst her spirit called out and joined all the rest and tried to wreck our church. Just as the Jezebels, and all the others left her spirit rose up to take out the last of the church. However, God just got rid of all that DNA. The same DNA that skips form church to church. When the pastor tries to correct them in tithing or what ever he sees is hurting their future they rebel because they can't be corrected. His protection has been on our church  Now our church is healthier than it's ever been. God did remove her as well as others who had those spirits. We called her last pastors and she created havoc in their churches as well. They all had a history of destruction. Sadly, wheat went with the tares. God is rebuilding his church today. He is rebuilding it correctly. Be aware of the warning signs. Do not tolerate it! Pray! Then remove! As a Shepherd you have the right to protect the sheep that God has placed you over.  If they follow that spirit, they will have to drink it's bitter waters.
 The Bitterness spirit can produce: 1.Hidden agendas 2. Hidden alliances 3. Hidden Strategies 4.Hidden contempt 5.Hidden Hatred and Hidden revenge.

Another area to go for more information.
Laviathan Spirit: Part one:
Part 2:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raised Garden

The Boys Ministry in our church built Girls of God a raised garden. We planted everything from tomatoes to watermelon. The girls had so much fun with the gardening series. Now the rest is up to me to keep it going. Yeah! I enjoy seeing all the new growth. I will continue to post more pictures as it to grows.

Enduring the Elements

Enduring the Elements is OA's Boys Ministry. They outgrew their small room and moved out to part of the church's garage. The men in the church worked hard and did a total renovate, including taking down a 80 year old barn. They used the wood from that to make a lodge for the boys. They do everything from teaching fishing, hunting, sports, camping and so much more along with the word of God.

Thumper the Rabbit

We have a new bunny. Ashton took all of his Birthday money and bought a baby bunny. He is the cutest little thing! These breeds loved to be held for long periods of time.

Of course BooBoo had to get in on the attention!