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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Walk - in Closet

Love this walk - in closet

What's For Dinner Tonight

Yes, I do take the time to decorate the table and make family dinners. Yes, it is pretty. I live in a house filled with all guys. I do not have daughters. As their mother they will respect the facts girls like pretty things and some actually love to cook.(just not everyday) I do feel it is important to gather around the table with your kids and catch up on whats going on in their minds. As a pastors wife I set time aside to balance it out Family and Ministry. I really think that is so important. (younger pastors wives with small kiddos do not kill yourself trying to prepare and make everything pretty only to frustrate yourself and be upset at the kids for ruining the dinner. There will be a season coming very soon where that will be possible)

Tonight's Dinner:
BBQ Pork Chops
Grilled Asparagus
Strawberry/pecan spinach salad
Mashed Potatoes

Fresh flowers and the table is set

Give Me Some Oven(pic)

Key Lime Pie

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's For Dinner Tonight

For dinner tonight I am cooking a pork roast cut onto a wooden cutting board. 
Fresh cut green beans steamed then Sauteed with bacon bits and Coconut oil and pinch of salt.
onion gravy ....sauteed onions with brown gravy seasoning
tonight I tried something new candied strawberries

Love this picture of a great kitchen

Fun table decor

Monday, April 27, 2015

Thrive 3:16 Skating

Promise Teens "Thrive 3:16"... skating party Wed. Night.
We had quite a few missing but it still was good night out.

Family Night

Family night out! A bag of golf balls, Chinese, Mall Cop 2 in theaters....love hanging with these guys.

37 Calorie Brownies

Today's Quote


Hanging out with a few of our Promise Ladies at DFL.
Designed For Life ladies night out at Jamesriver church. Concert...spas....cafe's..spring market..An anointed Word from Debbie...desserts...so much fun!
Looking forward to DFL fall Conference

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Healthy Food Tips

Healthy food tips to remember.

Perfect Bodies

We are all trying to fit into some image that we create in our heads or created by the media.
Some give up only to feel less than because they do not compare. However, being healthy and fit for your own personal goals matter. It is ok to want to lose weight and feel great in your own skin. The problem starts when you start comparing because they spend hours in the gym day after day or run four more miles than you do. Who cares?! Get up any way. STEP UP even if its an inch at a time. That's ok for them if that is the  goal they set and they have time to do that. But you are not less than because you do not fit in a bikini perfectly. I have two amazing videos that will change your perspective on setting realistic goals that fit what God is calling you to do for your own health. He wants you to win the race not just physically but with mind and soul as well. Balance is the key. Be careful not to get caught up in the rat race of trying to keep up with someone else's race. Keep your eye on your own lane. HEALTH....#becomehealthy # livelong #feelgreat
Inspirational videos to watch to keep you in perspective.




Tuesday, April 21, 2015

22 Year Anniversary

Anthony and I have been together 24 years. We have been married 22 years.
Life has had a lot of highlights but not for one minute do I want to come across as a  slick family where everything is staged and perfect and we are always happy. Ha Ha who has that? We do not have it all together and our house does get chaotic.We have great moments together but we also have moments where we have to grow and stretch, less of who we are and more what God wants us to be. That alone is a challenge. When you have family, a business and add pastoring to the mix, you get a whole 'nother level. Let me just show you what a typical challenge of trying to sneak an anniversary get-a-away can be like in the Crane household.
The night before we leave, Anthony is  hosting one of the Life Groups, I have a van full of Teens that I am taking to a skating party that the local AG churches are hosting for the teens. Ashton decides to act a bit crazy then fall and break his foot. I just knew it was a sprain.
The day we are ready to leave the school nurse says that they can't take Ashton into the school without a Doctors note. Really!!!? So its onto the Urgent Care to only confirm that it is a sprain. So it's on back to school with a limp and we are on our way. My college son is back to stay with his brothers while we are headed to Louisiana. He is there until Grandma gets there. She got really sick and text us letting us know that she has the flu, tract, sinus infection and can not come. Now we are already gone. Right!?  Like we are two states away......Anthony's mother has her arms full of her other grandson who is sick as well, so no go there.
So in our mini "sabbatical"  We are trying to get people from our church to step in while my son helps out as he can. He was such a champ taking care of his brothers. While we are still there we get a call from the Dr. that indeed Ashton's foot is broken. Thank God it's the weekend and it was a small bone he just needed to come in Monday and get crutches and a special boot. Yes, this mother was not totally relaxed. In our world we are not at will to change our schedule on a whim. When it's scheduled we have to stick with it. We actually do plan our life out. So for a day and a half we get to enjoy some time away....yay! Only to come home to, well just imagine when you leave Three guys home by themselves for a couple of days....a mess yes. The get-away was quickly gone but hey at least we got to catch our breath for a minute.
Here are a few pictures....

Yes, that is an alligator. 

Anthony and I split a small Salted Carmel Blizzard....yum!

Orange Beach