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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Birthday Time!!!

I am truly blessed to have so many great people in my life.
My husband sends me away for a spa day with my mother. Then the next day my family treats me like a queen and taking to all my favorite places.
My boy's would not let me lift anything (it was so cute) Austin gave me a great gift. Yet another gift from the Love of my Life. That night, I had a great surprise party at Life Groups. Thank you all for the food, gifts and cards!!! Thanks for all the Facebook Birthday wishes as well.  It was a beautiful day.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ministry Blogs For Encouragment/Resources

Minister's Website Resources

TOL's Recommended Pastoral Retreats

Here is a list of Retreat Centers we personally have been to and have found them worth going to for a time of refreshing.
1. WhiteStone Inn

When we went to Whitestone we felt like we had stepped into another world. It is the most breath taking place we had ever been at that time. The host Paul Cowall (former pastor) truly has the gift of hospitality! Pastors get half price and Missionaries all get an even bigger discount. All pastors have to go there at least once in their life time. Please check it out.
Pictures of Whitestone:

2. Missouri AG Campground Cross Pointe

    There is so much to do as a ministry family there at the campground. (Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Rock Climbing wall, Gym with so many recreational games, trails to walk, and so much more)
They have ministry discounts for the nice hotel and cabins by the water.
For Pictures while we were there:

3. Shining Mountain Ranch

ADDRESS: PO Box 926, Westcliffe, CO 81252
PHONE: 719-783-2627
WEBSITE: www.hrwebpages.com/ShiningMountainRanch/ShiningMountainRentals.html
CONTACT: Glenn & Doreen Seibel, Owners
COST: Rates pro-rated. (The more nights you stay, the cheaper per night.)
Example for one night:
a) Regular rate: $89.00 b) 50% off for pastors/missionaries ($44.50/one night)
Example for 3 nights:
a) Regular rates: $85.60/night/3 nights
b) 50% off for pastors/missionaries ($42.50/night/3 nights)
All prices plus tax (6.9%)

Two beautiful guest houses located on 80 acres in a breathtaking, high-mountain setting in the
Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range of the Rockies. Ideal “getaway” for pastors and missionaries
looking for rest in a scenic and serene atmosphere. Children welcome. Guest houses are furnished
with small kitchenette, queen-sized bed in loft, wood stove and propane for heating, cots and air
mattresses for additional people. Available year round (winter weather permitting). No pets. No
We stayed in these small cabins and found them to be really nice for a couple seeking private retreat and rest in the hills of Colorado. The nearby town is small. They do have a small grocery store to purchase your food for the cabin. Here are pictures we took while we were there.
We do not recommend the A frame cabin. It is old and totally outdated. We did not feel comfortable in there.

4. The Brook at Bethpage

We love the Brook. Here is where we will be hosting ministers wives and Pastors retreat throughout the year. Look for these in our upcoming events. http://www.touroflife.org/tol/toline.htm

Steve Reed and his wife are wonderful host! They have been blessed to be able to obtain this ministry that God has entrusted to them. This former pastor knows what it is like going through pastoral abuse. He is a good friend to us. Tour of Life has partnered with this ministry.
 Winter Pictures:

Future Retreat Dates to Remember

We are looking forward to the Ministers' Wives Breakaway
I totally enjoy being on the planning team for this event. There is going to be some great things coming our way during this time together. You don't want to miss out!!! It's your time to step away for a time to refresh.

Mother's Afternoon Tea/ Ladies conference

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pottery Studio Visit

Today my little sweethearts Ashton and Spencer celebrated Valentine's day today with breakfast at Cracker Barrel and a fieldtrip to Joplin' s Pottery Studio downtown.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Japanese Resturant

In Joplin, we have a great little place where its not new or commercialised. It is great for the whole family.

Snow Day

I took the boys sledding on snow hill. Guilty of acting like a little kid. Not too old to sled.

Now home for hot chocolate.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

In Loving Memory

This morning my grandfather passed away. He spent his life in Arkansas as a farmer. He farmed cotton, rice and beans. He also had many cattle and hogs through the years. Amos lived a long fullfilled life. As a bachelor, at 93 year old, he raised six kids after his wife passed away at 37.
He never remarried.