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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Role of a Deacon, Trustee and Board Member

I find it amazing how many people who just know how to pastor. When in fact they have never pastored, they just love control. I call it the sideline spectators. It's easy to sit in the bleachers and call the shots than to be on the field doing the work of the ministry.
When you are in ministry you are in the people business. You have to deal with all the peoples mood swings, insecurities, all the good, bad and the ugly.
Pastoring is not for wimps.  But we all have to remain in Christ what I call the three P's  poised, postured and positive.
If you have an over powering member of the church that loves to gather power and Paints one side of his face to the people and the other to the pastor here are a few ground rules.  You want this when it comes to God blessing unlimited without measure. If the bottle is cluttered at the top then your growth stops and the people seems to find a way out the back door. Disease will kill a healthy church. But when the church is healthy then you can not stop it from growing. We need to know the signs of an out of control person, family or group in the church today.
 Their Ultimate goal is always control
  Attacks leadership, overtly or subtly
  Causes fear, flight, discouragement
  Is a natural leader,but a horrible follower 
  Is insecure with unhealed wounds
  Is deceptive, subtle, manipulative
  Is proud, independent, rebellious
  Takes an “Ahab” to let his or her be effective
  Has a religious spirit
 We are not a board run church. Board run churches is what's killing pastors today. They are leaving by the groves because the system in out of order.  They are burning out. Over 19,000 pastors quit the ministry due to many factors but the biggest is dealing with controlling board members. God's  Love, Freedom of the Holy Spirit and Balance is the key.
A person’s life and character must pass certain criteria before qualifying one to serve.
The Scriptures dictate the qualifications.
1. The deacon must be chosen from “among you” (Acts 6:3), a lay member of the
local congregation for at least 1 year.
2. The deacon must be of good reputation, “of honest report” (Acts 6:3, KJV). The
confidence and trust of the congregation and community are essential.
3. The deacon is in a spiritual ministry, “full of the Spirit” (Acts 6:3), according to
Acts 2:4, and continuing to be “filled” (Ephesians 5:18).
4. The deacon is required to make decisions in practical and temporal matters as
well as giving support to the pastor in spiritual matters, so sound direction and
wise counsel need “wisdom” (Acts 6:3).
5. The deacon must be willing to be involved in the work of God through the
church; the deacon is to “serve” (Acts 6:2, KJV).
6. The deacon is to be “sincere” (1 Timothy 3:8), i.e., steadfast and serious.
7. The deacon is “not double-tongued” (1 Timothy 3:8, KJV), i.e., must be as good
as one’s word, dependable.
8. The deacon is “not indulging in much wine” (1 Timothy 3:8), but is temperate,
not depending on physical stimulants.
9. The deacon is “not pursuing dishonest gain” (1 Timothy 3:8), but faithful with
the tithe, generous, and not motivated by money.
10. The deacon is proper in doctrine, keeping “hold of the deep truths of the faith
with a clear conscience” (1 Timothy 3:9), fully subscribing to the tenets of faith
of the Assemblies of God.
11. The deacon is a mature believer, “and let these also first be proved” (1 Timothy
3:10, KJV).
12. The deacon has not experienced matrimonial mix-ups, but is in a faithful,
monogamous marriage (1 Timothy 3:12).
13. Deacons lead their homes in Christ, “ruling their children and their own houses
well” (1 Timothy 3:12).
14. Spouses of deacons (or deaconesses) must be an example of the Christian life,
“not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything” (1 Timothy
15. At the discretion of the local congregation, a female meeting other stated
qualifications may be selected to serve as a deaconess.

Deacons and Trustees
God’s method by which the church of Jesus Christ has moved forward down through the
centuries is that God selected a person to be the leader (the pastor) and then gave the
leader others (deacons) to serve as support to the leader and as fellow servants to the
It is understood that God has always chosen to give the leadership the vision for the work
of the Lord. For a pastor and board to work together for the enlargement of the kingdom
of God is a beautiful experience.
Terminology Used With Church Boards
The deacons are chosen from among the congregation to “serve the church” in the
practical, spiritual, and temporal matters of that body of believers.
The trustees are chosen from among the congregation to be custodians of the church
property and serve as signatories.
Board of Advisors
The Board of Advisors shall be chosen to assist the pastor in those churches which have
an insufficient number of adults to qualify as deacons.
Official Board
The pastor and deacons shall be the official board of the local church. In the event a
church does not have a Board of Deacons, the official board shall be that board elected to
serve with the pastor.

Trustee boards in churches are frequently granted capacities similar to that of a Board of
Deacons. If the Board of Trustees is granted such capacities, it is recommended that the
qualifications shall be the same as a Board of Deacons.
Board of Advisors
Members of the Board of Advisors shall subscribe to the tenets of faith of the Assemblies
of God, support the local church in attendance and finances, and shall have been
approved by the district officiary.
Official Board
If the official board is other than a Board of Deacons or Board of Trustees, the
qualifications shall be determined by the constitution and bylaws of the local
congregation as long as the scriptural standards of leadership are maintained.
Relationships of All Boards
To the Pastor
The board member is the pastor’s advisor, helper, and prayer partner, a loyal supporter of
the pastor, assisting in fulfilling the vision and goals God has given the pastor for the
The pastor is the chairperson and a voting member of the church boards.
To Each Other
Board members are a team, working together within the scope of their assignment with
the view to achieving the successful advancement of the church.
Board members should seek to develop a close relationship through mutual prayer,
worship, and cooperative co-laboring with the pastor and staff.
To the Congregation
Board members should promote goodwill in the congregation and should strengthen the
people’s confidence in the pastor’s leadership. The spiritual interest and welfare of the
congregation are their concern and responsibility.
To the Community
Board members should be the church’s public relations people in the community. Their
lives should be a testimony of true Christianity, conducting themselves in a manner that
will honor Christ.

Responsibilities of Boards
It is generally understood that the pastor, by virtue of office, is president of the
corporation and chair of the board.
The deacons shall act in an advisory capacity with the pastor in all matters pertaining to
the assembly in its spiritual life and in the administration of the ordinances. They shall act
in the examination of applicants for membership and also in the administration of church
At the discretion of the pastor, individual board members may be assigned portfolios of
responsibility in the functioning of the local church.
It is expected that the official board shall serve as the nominating committee for selection
of a pastor.
The trustees serve as the official, legal servants in matters of business. Normally the
president (pastor) and the secretary of the Board of Trustees sign legal documents in
behalf of the church, particularly as property and financial contracts are involved.
The trustees, serving as custodians of the church property, shall include its proper
maintenance and insurance, etc., and shall act on behalf of the church in selling and
acquiring property.
Board of Advisors
Inasmuch as the district officiary serves as the official board of the local assembly when a
Board of Advisors serves, this board shall act in an advisory capacity to the pastor in the
routine functioning of the local church.
Official Board
The official board shall serve as it has been defined in the above guidelines.

Detoxing Your Life

I am in a phase of my life where I want to detox all the unhealthy things in my life. Not just food but stressful things as well. That starts with my perspective. I pray dear God surround me with people who are healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. Not for just losing weight but ridding my life of everything that is toxic. Toxic people is a big one! A lot of that I know starts with how I think as well. The bible says "With long life he will satisfy you" but a portion of that is how we choose to live matters. There are toxic foods(soda, deep fried, high sugars etc.) that make us sick. No, I am not preaching to you. I am preaching to me. I have allowed other peoples moods, life styles, behaviors in ministry, family and friends take over me. I allowed that. I am not blaming anyone! It's my fault!I gave that power away. Why?, because I am a natural born peace keeper by nature. However, I need a change. I need to reinvent my life in a healthy way. What does the word say? As I am slowly cleaning out the clutter in my house. God is pointing out the toxins in my own life. Am I saved.....Yes! but do I want to live longer and healthier life? I want more energy. I want to feel better. I am tired of being tired.
When I was a girl my mom and dad ate healthy. We always had huge gardens. Our meats were mainly what my dad hunted for. Vitamins of all kinds were part of our day. I can still remember skinning rabbits with my dad on the front porch. My mother never allowed a lot of sugars in the house. We never had sodas or junk food ever! For years after I left home my mind slowly was melted into another way of living. I tried to remain healthy but was bunked for the first 10 years of our marriage. Now that my husband is a runner and has changed his life style for these last 9 years, I am angry that I didn't do the same. To be honest with you I have been a little upset and resentful! Why? I tried for the first 10 years to remain healthy only to be made into a different lifestyle of fast convenience. I have found myself over the last year slowly reverting back to how I was as a little girl. I love fruits and vegetables. Water is easy for me.
 It was easier not to bunk the status quo and I gained.   Now that I have processed it. I have had toxic thinking for 9 years now. Bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. WOW! I guess it takes me a while. Even though physically I didn't gain over 30 lbs. I now have lost 26 lbs. I guess I was obese in my thinking. So what to do now?
Forgive.... take responsibility for my own thought, life and actions.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Love To Travel

My husband and I love to travel! In just the last 7 years we packed in a lot. I always say it's great to get away, but it's amazing to come back home. I am blessed to have stayed in some of the best rooms as well as eat in some amazing restaurants.
Here goes....
God of Our Fathers Brighton, MO

Hot Springs, AR was a wonderful time with family. We also stopped by to see my Grandpa who has been an Arkansas farmer of rice,beans and cotton for over 65 years.

We stayed in West Virginia for a time of rest.
Daystar interview 

Whitestone Inn in Tennessee

Quail Hunting in the Ozarks

Nashville, TN

Washington D.C.

Williamsburg, VA

Two of the biggest Plantations in LA
Also eating craw fish and boiled Potatoes 

Playing golf in AL

Visiting Family in Enterprise, AL

 Great Grandma Vonberg 102, Grandma Underwood  and Aunt Donna

Savannah, GA trip

Jekyll Island

Inn at Still Pond

Anthony and I fished behind the inn and I took this picture with my phone.

Tupelo, MS
Elvis Museum and downtown tour

Beaches in FL and AL

P Allen Smith's Home in Little Rock, AR
Host TV for Home Decor and gardening

Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria

Dallas, TX

New York
Pastor's conference at Brooklyn Tab.

Walt Disney World and the Epcot Center