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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Detoxing Your Life

I am in a phase of my life where I want to detox all the unhealthy things in my life. Not just food but stressful things as well. That starts with my perspective. I pray dear God surround me with people who are healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. Not for just losing weight but ridding my life of everything that is toxic. Toxic people is a big one! A lot of that I know starts with how I think as well. The bible says "With long life he will satisfy you" but a portion of that is how we choose to live matters. There are toxic foods(soda, deep fried, high sugars etc.) that make us sick. No, I am not preaching to you. I am preaching to me. I have allowed other peoples moods, life styles, behaviors in ministry, family and friends take over me. I allowed that. I am not blaming anyone! It's my fault!I gave that power away. Why?, because I am a natural born peace keeper by nature. However, I need a change. I need to reinvent my life in a healthy way. What does the word say? As I am slowly cleaning out the clutter in my house. God is pointing out the toxins in my own life. Am I saved.....Yes! but do I want to live longer and healthier life? I want more energy. I want to feel better. I am tired of being tired.
When I was a girl my mom and dad ate healthy. We always had huge gardens. Our meats were mainly what my dad hunted for. Vitamins of all kinds were part of our day. I can still remember skinning rabbits with my dad on the front porch. My mother never allowed a lot of sugars in the house. We never had sodas or junk food ever! For years after I left home my mind slowly was melted into another way of living. I tried to remain healthy but was bunked for the first 10 years of our marriage. Now that my husband is a runner and has changed his life style for these last 9 years, I am angry that I didn't do the same. To be honest with you I have been a little upset and resentful! Why? I tried for the first 10 years to remain healthy only to be made into a different lifestyle of fast convenience. I have found myself over the last year slowly reverting back to how I was as a little girl. I love fruits and vegetables. Water is easy for me.
 It was easier not to bunk the status quo and I gained.   Now that I have processed it. I have had toxic thinking for 9 years now. Bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. WOW! I guess it takes me a while. Even though physically I didn't gain over 30 lbs. I now have lost 26 lbs. I guess I was obese in my thinking. So what to do now?
Forgive.... take responsibility for my own thought, life and actions.