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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prayer Journey Stations

Years ago I loved praying in the prayer rooms before church started with all the ladies.I could hear a sea of voices crying out to God. Praying at church just seemed natural. When I would incorporate that at my home, I felt alone.I followed the rules for prayer but felt guilty if I didn't live up to my daily rules.I totally missed out on the true meaning of prayer. RELATIONSHIP!I grew up, in my mind, with a very melancholy God. We were very fearfully driven. Lots of rules. Loves structure.He loves you, but follow all the rules to please him.Church was easy. Home was extremely a guilt driven place.I prayed but not in the way I was taught.That was over twenty years ago. I have learned a few things about prayer and who God really is.Freedom in knowing I am saved and that I can't take away or add to Calvary. Because I am so spontaneous,strong willed,adventurous, risk taker and yet very goal oriented I never really knew if God was ever pleased with me growing up.I never really ever knew if I was saved because it was based on all that I did by works. That bled over into my prayer life. I pray now not because its a rule. But because I have a relationship with Jesus who loves me unconditionally. He is for me and not out to trip me up.I have several ways I pray that I want to share with you. I have a prayer basket. I also have a Prayer Journey.The Prayer Journey is what I want to share with you. Pick 9 areas in your home that you can pray at and lay something on.You can pray all at once or at least 5 minutes  at each station, through out the day. What ever you do. Do it out of relationship. Not because its on your list to do.
Station #1 Sing to him. Worship him from your heart.Invite him into your day. PRAISE OUR MIGHTY GOD-the bible, opened to any Praise scriptures.
Station #2 Psalm 51:1-13 PREPARE THE HEART- pitcher and bowl, towel Repent: Recall: Reflect: Resolve: wash your hands
Station #3 PUT ON CHRIST AND BE FILLED: Get dressed for battle. Put on the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18 Ask to be filled again today. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Station #4 PERSONAL, PETITION and PRAYER Prayer for spouse, children, family members, friends, work,business, your home, neighbors,neighborhood,lost souls and any personal request. Colossians 1:9-12 Pray that your family will grow: Spiritually,Socially,Mentally, Physically Phil. 4:6 Staion #5 PETITION FOR THE CHURCH Pray a spiritual awakening will come. For the body claim:humble repentance,hungry desperation,helpful generosity,unity Station #6 Act.1:8 PETITION & PRAYER FOR THE CITY,COUNTY,STATE City: City officials, police,firemen, stability of business, schools, children and teachers;library; and parks, recreational, senior facilitation ; doctors,nurses,health care providers, hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly;day cares and workers;the homeless,those in shelters, integrity of local government,business and health care. County: Commissioners, judges, courts, sheriff, law enforcement;jails,juvenile detentions, housing zoning, jails,farmland,crops,public safety, transportation State: Elected and appointed officials, lobbyists, governor and staff, court system, state patrol, all military stations, National Guard and all military personnel
Station #7 PRAYER FOR THE U.S. AND THE WORLD 1 Tim.2:1,2 The life of every citizen of every nation is impacted by a vast multitude of individuals who wield significant influence each day. Consider: millions of elected officials, appointed judges, lawyers, police officers, bureaucrats, military officers, business executives and managers, those involved in church leadership, educators, medical practitioners and hospital administrators. How might we pray for these individuals? Pray that unjust leaders will make mistakes that help advance the Gospel! (Ps.109:29) Pray that tyrannical leaders will fall from power through unsound advice! (Ps. 5:10) Pray that all godly leaders will discover scriptural wisdom to govern their nation! (Prov. 28:2) Pray that all leaders will receive a personal message of God’s love! (Is. 52:15) Pray that leaders in troubled nations will grow weary of the continuing bloodshed! (I Kings 5:3,4) Pray that corrupt leaders will recognize their evil ways and turn to God! (II Chron. 33:12,13) Pray that all leaders will realize that God, alone, gave them their positions! (Dan. 2:19-22) How to Pray for World Evangelization: S. D. Gordon said, “The real victory in all service is won beforehand in prayer. Service is merely gathering up the results.” A. First - claim WORKERS for the harvest! (See Matt. 9:38.) “Pray ye therefore the Lord of harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.” (Will you declare your availability?) B. Second - claim OPEN DOORS in the harvest! (See Col. 4:2,3.) “Devote yourselves to prayer . .that God may open . . a door for His Word!” (Especially pray that doors will open to all still unreached ‘hidden people groups’ globally.) C. Third - claim FRUIT in the harvest! (See II Thess. 3:1.) “Pray that the Word of the Lord will spread rapidly and be glorified . .” (Pray daily for ministries planting Gospel s seeds!) D. Fourth - claim FINANCES for the harvest! (see Rom. 10:14,15.) “. .How shall they hear without a preacher? How shall they preach except they be sent? . . (To give is to send. Pray for more ‘senders’!)
Station #8 REST Rest and be still. Listen for him. Don't talk. Just be in his presence. Station #9 PRAISE & THANKSGIVING A Time of Reflection: Take time to praise the Lord for what He is doing - in you and all around His world. This is your time to really listen to His response to your fervent prayers. (Disconnect your ‘other voices’; listen to your LORD for He has a word for you.) As you reflect on your time with Jesus and listen to what He would have you know, what words, impressions, Scripture, vision did He impart to you? Consider all eight stations, did the Lord impress some little thing or a big awakening of importance? Were any words of knowledge, or deep feelings, no matter how large or small, given to you? If yes, ask if He would want you to share these. Please enter what you feel He would have you write for the edification of the Body. (GO TO SCROLL) FINALLY, ONE LAST THING . . . “Go ye therefore . . .: Oswald Chambers says, 'Go simply means live. Acts 1:8 is the description of how to go.': 'But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me . . . to the end of the earth.' May you go now in power from on high, praising our great God!(for more details go to NDOP)