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Monday, February 29, 2016

know You More

I want to know more about your life. You need to blog more. What are your thoughts? What are your hobbies? Whats your goals. Bible says to write them down. Make them plain. Go after the dream.
Share them with me. Get inspired. I would love to read them.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I am ready to meet you this summer to do a bit of camping. ( directed to my two favorite cousins in the far North)

Keep Digging

Thank You

If anything describes me in my 45 years, it's this quote.
I love strong, confident people who are not tied to traditional people pleasing ways.  That will just keep you in a small box.
Be yourself! Be unique! 
Tell me how you really feel.

Stay positive!

Thanks to everyone who made turning 45  great! I had a wonderful day.

The evening at DFL was awesome! Party...Party time.
Great way the spend a bday evening.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Moms Post

My mother posted this on my wall today.
So sweet.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

Baseball Time

After a couple stacks of BBQ ribs in this 74degree weather, it's time for a little baseball.
Anthony almost has his own team. I think they love it!

Monday, February 15, 2016


I am reminding you why I blog. There are many reasons why. First, I have a horrible memory and I forget about a lot of the places I have been to and things I have experienced. It's like a personal diary or journal that you get to read. I love having a place to express myself. If it encourages, blesses or challenges anyone along the way, then great! It's a place for me to put my thoughts. I'm blessed and I can pull up a blessing any time either in a memory, encouraging quote, or an idea found here on the blog....what ever it is, it's therapeutic for me. It's not to show off, get applause or be seen. I am a positive person who chooses to dwell on things that inspire or challenge me.

What's For Dinner

Last night I made one of Anthony's favorite Italian dishes. It was a great dinner with laughter and good conversations with our boys.

Sweet Corn
Caesar Salad
French  Garlic Bread

I love wooden cutting boards. I try to serve all my meats and breads on them.
My salads are usually served in my bamboo bowl.

Topped the dinner off with Peach Crisp and vanilla ice cream

Keep Me Safe

For all my friends who are going through something today. These words are for you.

In the dark of the midnight have I oft hid my face, While the storm howls above me, and there's no hiding place. 'Mid the crash of the thunder, Precious Lord, hear my cry, Keep me safe till the storm passes by.
Chorus Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more, Till the clouds roll forever from the sky; Hold me fast, let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by.
Many times Satan whispered, "There is no need to try, For there's no end of sorrow, there's no hope by and by" But I know Thou art with me, and tomorrow I'll rise Where the storms never darken the skies.
 Chorus Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more, Till the clouds roll forever from the sky; Hold me fast, let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by.
When the long night has ended and the storms come no more, Let me stand in Thy presence on the bright peaceful shore; In that land where the tempest, never comes, Lord, may I Dwell with Thee when the storm passes by.
Chorus Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more, Till the clouds roll forever from the sky; Hold me fast, let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Valetines day for me after being with Anthony 25 years and married almost 23, is much different than when we first were married.

He knows to not come toting in some cheap carnival gift from Walmart. (Bears, cards, candy blah!)I am even past cheap chocolates and flowers with no meaning.
What we have is not last minute planning. For me it does not have to be over the top expensive but it has to be planned out and prepared by both of us. It takes two, it's not all about the girl. As I prepare something amazing for him he does the same. Valentine's on a Sunday does not feel like Valentines. We celebrated few days  early.
For a couple of days we spent it together in Osage Beach.

My advice to you for next year.....go above and beyond a trip to Walmart and put some thought behind it. Plan weeks in advance. Great Ideas:
1. Gift from Paris
There are a ton of amazing romantic online stores that ship free from Paris that are not over priced. Paris makes some of the best Macaroons you ever want to eat.

2. Plan a horseback romantic picnic.

3. A get away with a great dinner, jacuzzi and a movie.
4. Tickets to Vegas for two....so many great things to do there besides gamble. They sell packaged deals all the time including food.
5. If its warm, rent a convertable for a day and take rides to some of her favorite scenic routes with a beautiful gift for her to open at the end. Do not forget to stop along the way and make new memories. Also bring her and your favorite romantic CD.
6. The average Valentine's gift cost $50 and thats from Walmart. A dozen roses cost anywhere from $39 to $89.
Do something a little better....give her a gorgeous corsage. Take her to one of the best restaurants in Town. Average in the Mid West is 35 dollars a plate.  If you paid over 50 for some cheap crap at Walmart, go above and beyond and spend $100 and take her out dressed nice with roses on her arm or dress.(corsage $15)
7. If your both flat broke, breakfast in bed with a single rose to start the day. (FYI never cereal. ..too easy to spill) serve on a her best serving tray) (if she does not have one, line her cookie tray with pretty napkins) (or a movie tray table by her side of the bed) Later tell her you have the evening taken care of. Its a special treat. That evening, make her a beautiful bubble bath($3 )with just a few candles and spa music(youtube). Have her favorite robe and towel out within reach. As she is taking a bath, pick a romantic spot, decorate the dining area (fully cleaned by you) with a couple of candles and red table cover. Get out the best plates and glasses serve up take out chinese($12) . In the living room (cleaned by you) set  and lite 10 white glasses candles(dollar General for a buck each) and her favorite romantic movie that you will sit and watch with her. Add a little basket of both of your favorite movie snacks and sweets. (Make sure children are not around but are taken care of by a trusted love one approved of well in advance) (total for the day $35) (your cleaning, prep buying incuding the Chinese and kids dropped off will have to be in advance before the bath) For more inexpensive date idea's  at home go to...
Some of these ideas may not be her style...the point is let it represent your love not a last minute cheap expression.
Resource: http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2013/01/32-stay-at-home-date-ideas-plus-links.html

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Born to Porn

What is in a ladies life where she decides a little porn, even if its soft, is o.k?.
What has happened in her life to allow herself to be photographed with very little to nothing on. What makes a person do that?. Society encourages it, even applauds it. It's the world's new language. Totally opposite of the Holy Spirit.
I am here to say its not o.k. Women are not objects for others to pour over with greedy eyes.  Call it modeling, athletic fitness showing your entire backside, what ever you want to call it..we all know what it is plain and simple. Gussy it up and call it art, but its still all the same....porn. Your soul is being sold. They have linked porn to human trafficking. Who would want to be apart of that?That is not success! Make all the money, ride in all the luxury, get your body on every magazine for every dirty thing climbing up the fake fantasy ladder to a place of nowhere. You will still turn up empty. Because in your heart of hearts you know its wrong. In the end it will come with a heavy price.

I read this article that I want to share: Excellent blog!

"Being a blogger requires that I use social media a lot. I enjoy social media and I think there is a lot of good that can come from it, but after the experiences I have had, there is one specific platform that I will never allow my children to have unless some major changes occur.

Which one is it might you ask? Well, you might be surprised (or maybe you won’t). It’s Instagram.

I Have been hesitant about writing this post for several weeks because I know it’s not going to make me very popular with some people, and I know I’m going to get the “Porn defenders” coming after me saying a little porn is okay. If that’s you, please just skip this post. This is for the parents that already know porn is harmful and want to be informed.
If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you Instagram was my very favorite of all social media. I love the idea of it: sharing photos and being able to follow hashtags and see what everyone around the world is posting on that very same thought or subject. It really is a cool idea. Unfortunately, Instagram is doing a very poor job at monitoring what gets uploaded.
For the most part, with all the other forms of social media, you basically see what’s being posted by those you follow. If your kids have good friends and they post good things, your kids won’t see harmful things as often. I have been on Facebook for 10+ years now and have only seen porn or obscene things maybe a couple of times.
I have seen more that that on Instagram in the last month.
You see, the problem with Instagram is your kids aren’t just seeing what their friends are posting, they are seeing what the world is posting. And there is a lot of crappy stuff on there. Twice now in the last couple of months I have run into hardcore porn via very innocent hashtags. This means your kid could simply be doing everything right with absolutely no intention of seeking out porn, and have it show up (with hundreds of images mind you) right on their screen.
One time I was posting a craft project from my blog. I used a hashtag to describe my project, and clicked on the hashtag to see what other bloggers were posting. To my horror I immediately saw several pictures of oral sex, naked breasts, gay porn, and other forms of porn. Many of them had invites to their chat rooms or websites. At first I was very angry and started reporting the images, but after seeing that the photos were endless, and not wanting to have to see any others, I gave up. I did however wait several hours before checking back to see if Instagram had done anything about it and they hadn’t. That was about a month ago. When I decided that I needed to write this post, I checked the hashtag to see if Instagram had taken care of it. NO!!! It is now EXTREMELY obvious that this hashtag is being used for porn and Instagram still has done nothing to monitor or remove it. I have since read articles stating that there are all kinds of hashtags on Instagram that people know they can go to for pornographic images and content.
I really wish this weren’t the case, and I hope things change in the future, but for now…Instagram just isn’t worth it. Even as a blogger (who has to use Instagram for work), I now use it more rarely and I avoid following hashtags. I’ve considered giving it up altogether, which is a bummer. But maybe this needed to happen so that parents will take a stand and demand Instagram tighten their policies and monitor things more carefully. There is no reason why porn (that was reported HOURS or even days prior) should remain. If there’s just too much porn on Instagram to handle, then they need to hire more staff.
In the meantime, I’m not letting my kids near it.
***Side note. Whatever you decide to do in your own home….please, please, please….at the very least have a conversation with your kids and let them know what to do when they come across porn. Because of the world that we live in, it’s going to happen multiples times no matter what rules and regulations you have set up. Make sure your kids don’t feel hesitant to come talk to you when they see something.
For more info on the harmful effects of pornography, see the website Fight the New Drug."
And please inform and help share this article with other parents.

Your Worth Knowing

Friday, February 5, 2016

Just Go For It! Celine Dion

In light of what recently happened with Celine Dion, I want to write a little inspiration.

When she accepted the show in Los Vegas with her entire team there was no real knowing if it would even go over. As a matter of fact many producers called Rene to offer free advice, that it would be a career killer. She was even written up by many people in articles calling her career gone. One even said it will be the next Titanic and sink.
Here is her response to all of her critics.

"In Life, if you do not take chances you will never know. Don't just ask the opinions of everyone, because you will go nowhere.
First, you have to believe. Then we went for it! Hey, if we closed in 2 to 3 months, it's just too bad. Just go for it!!!"

 The show is performed at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning 15 March 2011, with an estimated 70 performances per year (which makes Celine the top money earner in Vegas, earning $476K a show).[2] The show ranked 26th in Pollstar's "Top 50 Worldwide Tour (Mid-Year)", earning over 20 million dollars.
According to Pollstar end of year data (2011 - 2013), the show has grossed $116.5 million, playing to 726,346.[5][6][7] In March 2013,René Angélil announced that Celine had extended her residency contract to 2019