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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Valetines day for me after being with Anthony 25 years and married almost 23, is much different than when we first were married.

He knows to not come toting in some cheap carnival gift from Walmart. (Bears, cards, candy blah!)I am even past cheap chocolates and flowers with no meaning.
What we have is not last minute planning. For me it does not have to be over the top expensive but it has to be planned out and prepared by both of us. It takes two, it's not all about the girl. As I prepare something amazing for him he does the same. Valentine's on a Sunday does not feel like Valentines. We celebrated few days  early.
For a couple of days we spent it together in Osage Beach.

My advice to you for next year.....go above and beyond a trip to Walmart and put some thought behind it. Plan weeks in advance. Great Ideas:
1. Gift from Paris
There are a ton of amazing romantic online stores that ship free from Paris that are not over priced. Paris makes some of the best Macaroons you ever want to eat.

2. Plan a horseback romantic picnic.

3. A get away with a great dinner, jacuzzi and a movie.
4. Tickets to Vegas for two....so many great things to do there besides gamble. They sell packaged deals all the time including food.
5. If its warm, rent a convertable for a day and take rides to some of her favorite scenic routes with a beautiful gift for her to open at the end. Do not forget to stop along the way and make new memories. Also bring her and your favorite romantic CD.
6. The average Valentine's gift cost $50 and thats from Walmart. A dozen roses cost anywhere from $39 to $89.
Do something a little better....give her a gorgeous corsage. Take her to one of the best restaurants in Town. Average in the Mid West is 35 dollars a plate.  If you paid over 50 for some cheap crap at Walmart, go above and beyond and spend $100 and take her out dressed nice with roses on her arm or dress.(corsage $15)
7. If your both flat broke, breakfast in bed with a single rose to start the day. (FYI never cereal. ..too easy to spill) serve on a her best serving tray) (if she does not have one, line her cookie tray with pretty napkins) (or a movie tray table by her side of the bed) Later tell her you have the evening taken care of. Its a special treat. That evening, make her a beautiful bubble bath($3 )with just a few candles and spa music(youtube). Have her favorite robe and towel out within reach. As she is taking a bath, pick a romantic spot, decorate the dining area (fully cleaned by you) with a couple of candles and red table cover. Get out the best plates and glasses serve up take out chinese($12) . In the living room (cleaned by you) set  and lite 10 white glasses candles(dollar General for a buck each) and her favorite romantic movie that you will sit and watch with her. Add a little basket of both of your favorite movie snacks and sweets. (Make sure children are not around but are taken care of by a trusted love one approved of well in advance) (total for the day $35) (your cleaning, prep buying incuding the Chinese and kids dropped off will have to be in advance before the bath) For more inexpensive date idea's  at home go to...
Some of these ideas may not be her style...the point is let it represent your love not a last minute cheap expression.
Resource: http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2013/01/32-stay-at-home-date-ideas-plus-links.html