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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beauty in the Winter

I have had the privilege spending time with my brother hiking this winter. There is nothing like cold fresh air and nature. I was deep in the woods of Camdeton's greatest beauty HaHa Tonka state park.I could have said I don't want to walk hundreds of steps up and down on trails in the cold. I could have taken one look at the trees and been mad that they have no leaves.It was a grey gloomy rainy day. NO!I chose to borrow a jacket from my mother and tennis shoes from my niece and go along happily. I loved every minute of it. I found a mound of treasured pictures to take. Winter, besides being cold, dark, gloomy and desolate, can be a time to regain and refocus.A lot of people think winter of your life refers to the last season of your life. Today, I am talking about the seasons of your life. But it can be a time for you to have new eyes. You have to look beyond what's just in front and see the bigger picture as well as the details. It is so hard to be in the moment of where we are at. How did I get here? Am I here to learn? Is there something God is wanting me to see or.....just trust? If you are in a season where you have not seen Spring or Summer in a long time it maybe a time for you to reload. When it seems nothing is working on top and you can't see nothing happening, yet know that God is doing great things under the ground of your life.
Winter reminds me of an officer's wife who had to leave her great clothes, fine china, and all her beautiful fabrics to follow her husband to the Indian Desert reservation to live.She took on the attitude that I can't just sit and do nothing. Instead of a choosing anger to sit and steam. She said I am going to learn from the Indians and the desert.In her quest she learned every part of the desert and all it's beauty.She learned how to make baskets from the Indians.She went on to write a Pulitzer Prize Novel. There is beauty in the season of your Winter if you look for it.