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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Door Hangers

I was comteplating on what to hang on my door this year for Christmas. The delights of all the Christmas season hit me early this year. On my red door hangs a welcome basket. Which I absolutely love. It's rustic manor welcomes each visitor with a different set of flowers depending on which season it is. I had remembered a wreath that I had bought a few years ago at a holiday store. I hung it up and I have to say that it didn't do much for me. SO I pulled out an old wreath that made me feel like Christmas.

What about that old song that you have not sung in years? You know the one that lifts up your spirit! Find it! Sing it. Hang it on your heart as a melody of Praise!

I love to sing the old song "Hallelujah" from time to time. It just let's me know that the King of Kings is in my heart and his praises are on the door of my heart.