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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oak Assembly

Oak Assembly
Years ago we had heard a message by a minister on how he got planted in the right soil and the ministry God had given him just flourished. My husband and I just looked at each other. Both knowing we needed to be planted in the soil that was meant for us. So, we began to pray for that.God you know where we would fit the best. You know how we were raised and what will bring out the best in us. Well, I am here to tell you it did not happen over night! There was much stretching and growing before we were able to be planted. Now we are in the exact place for a great HARVEST. Oak Assembly! When we first got there those precious people in a very large family were so discouraged and beat down by past mistakes. They needed LOVE and someone to believe in them. We started out with 45-50 people, mostly all family. The church was known as a troubled church. The district had years of past notes from this churches history.One pastor even told us before we took it that we don't want to go there. He continued to say that it was not much of a church. I am so glad we don't listen to people! We asked God that if it was his will for us to be there then let there be a 100% vote. There was so much to tell in the miracle of the whole process. Let's just say it was God alone that sent us to Oak ST. Assembly. The first night as pastor God spoke to me and said these people need love and consistency. God just restored his people with LOVE. I will not began to tell you it was us in anyway. God has orchestrated everything to be exactly on time. We were set up by God to help show those people there is a better way. My husband was used in so many ways to help many new comers as well as restore many marriages through this. They did fine for awhile. We really thought that they had learned their lesson on following a Shepherd and not their own ideas. It looked like God brought us in to pronounce judgment and stop the madness of years of pain and hurt. During the process we learned so much.
We were not in a big hurry to change a thing. We just wanted to take each family and build a relationship with them. The more love God gave the more they were at the bits to change. We have been there 2 years and Yes we have packed in a lot. The first thing we did was identify what kind of people we were reaching. It was good common wholesome country people from factories to farming. They love barns, horses, and fields for farming. So we went with a lodge feel to the outside of the church.The second thing we did was make sure that we built a powerful praying team. TEAM is a word you hear a lot. Now I can't even finish without having to write a book on all the things God has spoken for us to do that fits the church in leadership, worship, spiritually and much fellowship. I love what pastor is always saying." What does God have for Oak St. that fits us. We can't be a copy cat and snip and clip. Some ideas are fine but does it fit what God is doing here" So I will just give you some of the ideas we did within the first 2 years physically. When I say we I mean all of Oak St. TEAM. We painted the out side of the building. Installed a coffee cafe area. Made the auditorium more modern and up to date.We hired the local art team to come and paint the hallways down stairs to look like a Paris market. We know you always have to do the best with what you have, in EXCELLENCE, in order to receive more. I can't pin point and tell you all that has happened to make Oak. St. Grow. BUT It's all God. His spirit moves freely and lives are being saved and forever changed! If his plan is to give one last chance before he closes it down then that has to be done. He is God and he is the one who knows what is best for his church.