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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


REST Do you really know how to rest? When Anthony and I took a 5 year sabbatical from full-time ministry we focused on getting through life, learning how to really rest was a tough thing to learn. You see doing a bunch of stuff does not equal rest. We have pastors who call in and ask "Do you have a retreat in Branson? We would like to take a vacation with our family there." I instantly say we have one but its occupied for pastors who want to rest. We turn down vacations. Why? Vacation is not REST. Sitting in a hotel room flipping through t.v. channels, shopping, playing games, getting busy and spending family time does not equal time off. Your mind is still busy. In this generation where we have to be connected to cell phones, internet, or our touch pads has gotten us to hooked up we can't seem to unplug.Most pastors seem ADD anyway and can't focus on one conversation let alone be STILL.
REST can be almost anywhere if you learn how.Your home can be a sanctuary for your soul.Just taking the time away alone with God is often better for most pastors.Also allow your leaders to rest.We told our leaders during the Christmas Holiday for a week we don't want to see them, go and rest. We canceled all the mid-week services.For just that reason. Conferences are needed to be filled.But we can't equate that with REST.Years ago we would attend a conference every year and spend all day and all night hearing one sermon after another.I agree our spiritual man needs importations.However, I am talking about a dreaded word that most pastors cringe at "SILENCE". Just being in the presence of God. Sometimes you don't even have to talk. JUST BE. Nature.. water.. There are times we need to be still and know GOD. Hear God. There are times we don't even need to think about ministry at all. Nothing spiritual. That's a shock! Sometimes all some pastors need is good quality SLEEP!
You need to get away for a new perspective,spiritual renewal,rest, education, renewed passion. Ways to take a sabbatical. Write, get alone time, go to another country and visit a missionary,seek ministry counseling, Retreat to a cabin, totally unplug.We always like to say unplug so you can plug into God's REST. Disconnect so you can connect. Let the light of peace help you be still so you can refill.