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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shepherd or a Daddy?

I am very close to the country farms.So I hear a lot of stories about farming. We have some sheep farmers nearby. They are the most precious animals to look at. Makes me want to build a pen for them at my house.Sheep are gentle in nature and therefore an easy prey to those lurking around waiting to devour them. I wonder why Jesus referred to his children like sheep? Greek Word for Pastor: poimen = herdsman, a shepherd .... one who cares for, feeds, guides, and protects the sheepIn reality, not all people in the position of "pastor" have the gift of pastor. Some in the position of "pastor" have the gift of leadership. They are the "pastors" on the cutting edge who are constantly developing new means of ministry. They are mapping out ways to take the sheep to greener pastures. Some in the position of "pastor" have the gift of evangelism. They are the "pastors" who are very seeker-oriented. More than building up believers they are into rescuing lost sheep. Some in the position of "pastor" have the gift of administration. They are the "pastors" who tend to emphasize smooth running programs and schedules. More than relating to the sheep, they tend to look after the pasture itself, the water, and the fence to make sure everything is in good condition for the proper care of the sheep. Some in the position of "pastor" have the gift of teaching or prophecy. They are the "pastors" who concentrate on good preaching. More than caring for the sheep's total well-being, they focus on feeding. The dilemma for these "pastors" is that by gifting they do not have the ability to fulfill the complete ministry description of a shepherd yet they are called "pastors." With that title often comes the expectation of many within the body that this person do the full work of a shepherd. Elders are to help shepherd the flock as they come under the authority of the Pastor. (1 Pet. 5:1-3). The word "shepherd" (Greek word 'poimaino') in the passages referring to elders is a verb, not a title or position. Their titles are distinct Greek words from the Greek word for 'pastor.' The effects soon become evidenced in the condition of the sheep when they are not truly Shepherd:
*When always being moved to greener pastures with little other shepherding, the sheep may become anxious. *When everything is built around rescue efforts, the sheep already in the fold may feel abandoned. *When not getting fed sufficiently, the sheep may become anemic. *When constantly being warned and corrected with little nurturing, the sheep may become afraid. On this note I would like to ask the question " Are you a Shepherd or a Daddy?" Daddy likes to fix it. Dads correct. Dads are babysitters. When we took our first church, the pastor before us was a daddy pastor.
He allowed the people to barge anytime into his home and demand to be heard. He would fix the peoples toilets. He would balance their check books.There were only a handful when we got there and he was there 17 years. Those people were the most immature demanding people we had ever seen. They were very weak people by themselves. When something neg. would come it would be to hard for them to stand in faith or even stay in faith. Their roots were very shallow. They were constantly confused instead of trusting God.. Their idea of a pastor was someone telling them how to live including how to dress. Now I feel his gifting was misused. He was an incredible Sunday school minister. They loved puppets and kids.If it were not for misused politics in that denomination he would have been the best Sunday school director they ever had. It is time for the church body to GROW UP. I have seen pastors get into peoples face much like a daddy and yell at them as if they were children. I have seen them control every aspect of the church like a dictator. Come on! Really?? We need to have true Shepherds rise up and lead the sheep to growth. TEAM Shepherding takes courage and it takes a confident Shepherd be able to let go and let God do the work. The Kingdom of God is not about you.It's not your kingdom it's his. Be the loving,gentle,confident Shepherd he has called you to be. Developing leaders around you to help Shepherd so the body can be HEALTHY.