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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Shepherd's Cottage

When God called us to Pastor as well as open a retreat on Precious Moments Wedding Island he made a way for it to all come together. Yes, I had to walk through my father passing away with cancer and at the same time our new home completely flooded out. So here I am in a parsonage trying to make it a home. It's small cozy and cute.We have not been able to do anything to the outside yet. The first thing we did was redo the inside before we moved in. It had old brown 70's carpet. Nasty!! I am giving it a french country cottage feel. From time to time I will be posting all the new and challenging remodeling stories as I try to make this cottage a home. My perspective is on this side of the picket fence. I came from a huge home to a very small one for 5 people. Big homes are nice but with small kids I was becoming a slave to it. To all the pastors wives who live in a parsonage be comfortable and make it your own.


Some of the men at our church put hardwood flooring, tile and new carpet through out the house.
My house is small. Yes, we plan to build in a few years but, I am enjoying the challenge. Our entrance was a pile of boys coats and shoes. Something had to give, so I went to the local flea market and found this cute mudroom bench.