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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silent Night

Ever gone through a tragedy that when you were in it you felt like you were in a dark tunnel? I remember when I was surrounded by the ministry of a very young and growing church years ago with two babies and 6yr son. My husband was facing the biggest valley of his life. CANCER is a very dreaded word. In hearing those words about his father it changed the atmosphere of our home.All the past of his childhood issues of the heart came to surface. Now they were raw and exposed for him to see.Does he fight or flight? He was stuck in a grief process at 27 years old. We really didn't know what to do. Depression filled our home. Fight=Anger and flight=depression( which is anger turned on the inside) There are three legs that hold up this table of depression. 1.FEAR 2.Unmet expectations and 3.Hopelessness and helplessness. Kick one of these legs out and your on your way to recovery. We left the only real home I had ever had to go seek help. My suggestion to you is never leave your church in the middle of a personal battle. The church at that time would have surrounded my husband and it would have built up the body.Take a sabbatical for a few months. Get some help then make your decisions. However, we left the church totally in the arms of a mother church. That pastor did his best to take care of it.Our regret is not knowing how to take a sabbatical correctly then going back to that church. God worked it all out and now we can help others. Tunnels, they are dark. They can be long. Just remember Christ is with you when you are faced with a personal battle. A Night has a morning.A tunnel has light at the end. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. Old school of thought as we know there was a lot of poverty ignorance passed down." You don't need a counselor!" I agree to a point. God is the great counselor.He will lead you if you allow the healing of the Holy Spirit to take control. He also can give wisdom to great men and women of God to help see things clearer in darkness when your caught in the fog and it's hard to see. One anointed counseling session broke the whole depression off my husband.Not long after that eventually my darkness due to the domino affect ended. I do remember the dark tunnel that surrounded me and also remember the Holy Spirits gentle hand calming me and guarding my heart.I could literally fill the dark cloud pulling away and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.It was a long night.But Joy came to my morning!If you are in that same season of your life. Hold on don't give up. There is light. There is Joy after a winters SILENT NIGHT.