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During our first pastorate in Perryville, Missouri, we had so many great experiences. One of those experiences was meeting a young man at t...

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Small Dream

It started out as a magazine pic.laminated for seven years. We had moved to help Anthony's father through cancer. He needed help with the business. It was some of our toughest yet rewarding times in our life. I needed a place to call home. A two bedroom with three small boys in a brick duplex was not cutting it. Yet, we needed a place to house pastors and cast a vision for Tour of Life at the same time. I am a doer. I knock and knock till something happens. However, my husband is a steady slow seeker of faith. I dragged my poor husband all over to see where we would live all within a 2 hour radius. On one of my adventures we found a road in a town that I had felt for a long time. MT Gilead road was a piece of land that just drew us right in. We stepped out in faith and got out of our car as a family and planted a bible right in that land. A year passed and we were scheduled to speak at Fair Play, MO. We were at a hotel when Anthony went down to the business center,totally out of character, and came back with a paper in his hand. He told me that he felt this was the will of God. I screamed! It was the exact house I had eliminated years ago.He never had even seen it.It was just tucked away in my ideas folder.He said " First try on search in a one hour radius and this pops up. Can you guess where it is?" Off of Mt. Gilead road. We went to the property where they were just starting to build. In the great timing of God we were able to get it at a much lower price and built exactly how we wanted it.It took that property and all the meetings in it to establish where TOL is today!