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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sons of Blessings

I have to admit that I love anything girly. Tea Rooms, lace, Ribbons, decorating are things that I love. Years ago if I were to tell you what I wanted in a family I would say that I would want one girl and one boy. Best of Both worlds! So when I had Austin that was great! Son's should be born first to help protect their little sister. Spencer came along and by this time I really wanted a girl so bad. I was disappointed because I only wanted a couple of kids. Right in the hospital after delivering Spencer I grabbed Anthony's hand and said "lets try for one more. I just know it will be a girl!" Sixteen months later I was in the sonogram room to see if it was a boy or a girl. Of course I knew it was a girl. After all God will hear my prayers. With Anthony by my side I heard the lady say "Yes! It's a boy!" I can't describe how my heart sank. I remember hitting the van's steering wheel yelling and crying." I have served you all my life. You said you would give me the desires of my heart!!!!!" So for the next 7 years I held a personal small grudge.Even though I loved my boys unconditionally I would cry at the drop of a hat at the thought of a little girl that might need adoption. Just seeing the color pink and all the little clothes would make me angry! Now I am a strong willed determined person so 7 years is a long time. One day we will adopt! NO! Anthony did not feel it.
Finally, the day came and I accepted it. God you know what's best. It wasn't long after that I was sitting on the side of my bed and just asked God with no anger. "Why did you not give me a girl?" And as clear as it could be God said "I gave you the desire of your true heart for you would pick raising a minister any day over a girl" It wasn't long after that Ashton came to me as plain as can be and said "I want to be a pasture like daddy." Now my other boys are great wonderful sons and I wouldn't trade them for the anything. Out of that obedience God has opened many doors for a new ministry Called Girls of God. It is a class that raises up Godly Girls walking in his word. We teach them everything from sewing to cooking. I am blessed to be the creative director over this ministry. Now we have many daughters to bless.

They will be mighty men of God someday.I now can honestly say the regret is totally gone and a new excitement has taken its place for we are raising Sons of Blessings.