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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Test for Ministry

I was reading on a blog filled with many opinions about if young ministers should have the right to test his girlfriend to see if she qualifies for ministry.
Mrs. Barbra answered that she was glad that the young lady had seen the light and broke up with this insensitive man! She goes on to say that the Holy Spirit will do the work and that we all serve unfinished with flaws. That we do not need to go through a future pastors wife Bootcamp.

Although I see her point I don't agree! Ministry is a serious step and quite frankly not everyone is cut out to be in ministry not even part-time. Let me give you the examples of "Ministers wives and pastors wives I grew up with!" I will call the first pastors wife I knew as a child Susan. Susan was a young pastors wife in her 20's. She was extremely insecure and very jealous. She was into her two kids and hated people barging in on her "family Time". She would often blurt out hateful regrets and thus forcing her poor husband to resign. Eventually, through self absorbency and lack of spiritual desire, they ended in a divorce! Next, is a Youth Pastors wife I will call her Beth. Raised in a two child household. Her mother and father doted on her and had money to do it. So you could say she was a little spoiled.  She was Very self absorbed. Her husband had a great chance at ministry. He would cry and be moved by the Holy-spirit so much that you will always remember some of the messages he preached. Beth had to have everything extremely nice.She had to have the best of everything. She was either shopping or designing her new outfit. Life on credit was costly. There is nothing wrong with having excellence. I think that is important, but when it is out of balance and costing your family financially then it is out of balance. Although she probable didn't mean to, her personality was extremely Flirty! She said what ever came to the top of her mind without a filter. She did struggle to have children. Her unhappiness ate her alive. They ended up in divorce! Next pastors wife I will call Nancy. She loved the lord. She had great potential to be good pastors wife but she lacked confidence. She hated being a pastors wife. She would often come to church mad and hateful. I remember one time as a little girl telling her When I grow up I want to be a pastors wife. I will never forget her words. It didn't change me though, I was CALLED.She looked down at me and said "No you don't! Believe me you would NEVER want to be a pastors wife!"She said it with such hate. I know there were a lot of factors involved in this situation that made her choose her opinion. She was totally better off not being a pastors wife. They too ended in divorce.I could go on in this object lesson but I hope you get the point.

I know the Holy Spirit will lead. If we let him! You get some guy who knows he is called and spiritually, emotionally immature will often choose his partner for other reasons other than God ideas. They are often not lead by the Holy-Spirit. If you are called and you want to know if your loved one will stand the test of ministry then start praying! The most important step in your ministry is choosing the RIGHT mate. Don't be blinded by position, beauty,and talent.

I am only speaking to those who are looking for a mate in ministry.
The biggest test is.....IS She CALLED? Does she absolutely love God with all her heart? Is she willing to walk on the water if that what it takes? Is she self-centered? Is she a leader? Does she get excited about the dream God has put in your heart for what he has called you to do? Will she support you? Does her personality weaknesses stump her spiritual growth? Does she have a gift in hospitality and can she share you with other people? Does she love people? Is there a hole in her heart from past issues that can never be filled? Does she have strengths where you have weaknesses? Is she called! You have the right to test. If you see major red flags then seriously seek God. A woman can either MAKE or BREAK your ministry. Allow the Holy-Spirit to lead you and give you the power to say no if that what it takes. Be wise. There should not be a ceiling on your ministry due to selfishness on her part. Most of ALL remember is she CALLED?

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