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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I have learned!(in my eighty years)

ATMOSPHERE! I am a big advocate on setting the right atmosphere.I think it determines a lot about our lives. I had the pleasure right before Christmas to visit one of my friends. I was pleasantly surprised to meet her father-n-law.I have been in a lot of homes. This year was amazing! I love it when there is not an atmosphere of ignorance.In the middle of our downtown exertions and our nightly lovely meals.I found myself absorbing the information from a gentlemen who made it well in life.He took over certain divisions and saved them 200 Million dollars in a short time. He was an engineer in the oil industry.But that was not what he came in to say to my oldest son. Impartation was in the room. I loved every minute of it.It was an atmosphere for mentoring from a gentleman. He had a few letters of the alphabet written down.Jewels he wanted to share. His value very much appreciated. He mentored my son in "the things I have learned in life that will make you go straight to the top. SS =Self Starter,C= choices you make in life,E= enthusiasm,G= Goals, E=Education."
He set an atmosphere for his children to succeed.That's why you can have a son and his wife push through life never giving up on their dream to create a knife and have in the hands of every military possible.http://www.huttonsedge.com/ An amazing couple that inspire me.