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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is new with no mistakes in it., full of GRACE!


Friday, January 13, 2012


After turning forty I am still excited about life.My wonderful husband took me on a trip to Savannah GA. We took our time and stopped along the way to site see, visit friends and family. I am married to an amazing man for almost 19 years.We dated two years before we got married, so I have been with him 21 years.I wrote some notes of things I have in my thoughts at 40. I love the south. Our trip to Still Pond Inn was beyond what I ever dreamed and I highly recommend it!
1.I feel the need to be guarded at all times. It's a learned behavior from the time I was little. I would love to be free from. 2. I was extremely bullied as a child by the school and the pastors daughter growing up. 3.When I was little I wanted to become a nurse or a teacher, but I always knew that I was going to be a Ministers Wife. 4.I love tea rooms. I have been to over 300 in our travels including in Germany, Canada and Mexico. 5. My 2yr brother was backed over with a truck by my step-dad right in front of me when I was 7. God healed him and he is a Minister today. 6. I was raised in extreme poverty. God always met our needs mostly in miraculous ways.This taught me a lot about faith. 7.I have a real issue with shallow people who have( pre) paved lives or marry into one. Those who really have never been through anything to bring out true value. The people who are consumed by their perfect little worlds.You know the kind where a broken nail is a big deal. I guess I feel life is about more than our self -centered lives. Life is a gift from God and what we allow God to make out of it is our gift back to him. When I stand before God and give an account I want to present a life that wasn't wasted only on polished living.
8.The only states we have not traveled to is CA, WA,OR,UT,ND,SD and Hawaii. 9. My dog growing up was a black Spaniel. She would walk me to school and then be there waiting in the yard when I got home. 10. I have crossed all denominations and can truly say we are all alike more than we are different. In the true body of Christ there is no elitism. 11. After 18 years of ministry I can see that people have all the same common personality types, they just have different faces from church to church. 12. My favorite movies of all times is Ann Of Green Gables, Ann of Avonle, Father of the Bride 1&2,National Treasure 1&2 and Rudy. 13. When I see someones life changed by God and their dreams come true, I am thrilled. 14. I have always wanted to adopt a little girl from another country. 15. I have battled the same 20 lbs for 8 yrs. 16. I would host a party every weekend if I could. 17. If God called us to India or any other country I would go. 18. My husband made me a tea set when we were dating. He couldn't afford to buy one so he walked down to the local ceramic shop and made one cheaper. 19. In 1994 we sold everything and started evangelist work, 1998 after years of saving and in a new travel trailer, we had a bad wreck and lost all our belongings down the interstate, 2004 we sold as much a we could and moved to take a sabbatical, then move to help Anthony's father through cancer. 2006 Anthony's dad passed away. 2007 we built a new home and my dad was diagnosed with cancer. 2010 our new home flooded out from the builder building a uncovered pipe to the north wall. It froze and busted while we were in Lebanon helping my mother at the end of my dads life. Fed 15th, 2010 my dad passed away. 2010 moved to Carthage away from our new home. We moved from a 3600sq ft home to a 1100 sq ft parsonage. I guess God was teaching me not to get attached to things. 20. Between the two of us we have been to Mexico,Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria,Grand Caymans, Cozumel,Belgium and India. We would love to travel to every continent and minister to every missionary and pastor that God allows when we are old. 21. I could go camping with the best of them in meager conditions. 22. I never had a TV growing up. 23. My motto daily " I can't do anything about the past but learn from it. Today, it is the first day of the rest of my life, clean with no mistakes in it." 24. I collect everything my boys make, they are precious to me. 25. One soul, one family at a time that reaches a community, then reaches the world for the cause of Christ.