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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joplin Tornado

We are 10 min. from the Joplin tornado war zone. When I say war zone I mean it. It's one thing to see it on the news and another to be there in person.You can stand and look as far as the you can see and see nothing but the devastation. I loved how all the churches from all over came together.You would go block after block and see every color tee shirt representing humanity at it's best. We had the privilege of working with Convoy of Hope. Our church met other groups around the area to hand out food, water or whatever the need was. Today we took our boys to the new homes where the Extreme Home Makeover was able to build 7 homes for 7 families.WOW! Each so uniquely different and beautiful. I was touched by each families story.We had people at the site working for the Extreme Home Makeovers from our church. Someone ask if our church was affected by the storm. Yes they were. We have people in our church who lost their homes.We have people who lost loved ones or was deeply affected through the storm. But for every one horrible story there is a hundred miracles and blessings of God's faithfulness. Here are some friends that got to volunteer for the Extreme Home Makeover. Seven houses in seven days.