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Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchen Garden

Have you ever wanted a culinary experience where you can just reach over and grab fresh herbs to put into your recipes? I have always wanted to do that.I have experienced with fresh and dried herbs from time to time. A great place online to know more about that is http://betterlivingwithherbs.com/category/herbs-in-the-kitchen/ also http://herbgardening.com/ is another great resource. I have purchased a ladder shelving system to put into the kitchen for growing herbs in the winter.I have placed it close to the window as much as possible.
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This vertical garden is actually made from recycled rain gutters nailed to the side of a house. Suzanne Forsling, who lives in Alaska, came up with this system to keep her salad crops off the cold ground and away from critters, but it’s a perfect way to reuse abandoned gutters and take advantage of empty outdoor wall space. Flowers, herbs, vegetables, and greens could be planted here and if you pair it with a drip irrigation system, you’ve got a perfect vertical planting system.