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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Painful Job

Sign Language is a wonderful form of communication. I loved learning it. Growing up I had friends that I adopted. I was always having friends I felt sorry for when I was little.In my teens I had a completely deaf friend.She started showing me signs in school and I was hooked. Eventually, I became state certified and started working in the school systems. At first it was all about the deaf kids.I loved all the kids I worked with. I worked in the system for about 10 years.There was a time I knew I had to move on. When you are in the school system you are not a teachers aid.You can't take on that role in any form.You are a professional Sign language Specialist. You sit repeating everything the teachers says. If she is not talking then you just sit long hours in front of the class for all the kids to sit and stare at you. There was one season I just got burned out. One school was particularly challenging. I would sit and hear the teacher and her aid gossip about everything under the sun. Anyone who walked into the room I would hear their past history and all their mistakes.They were extremely vulgar in their
conversation. City schools are way different than country middle America.At one time I was in a school where all the teachers were either Catholic or Lutheran. I loved it! They were the sweetest ladies to work with.However, starting, many year later, was a line of many classes that were a challenge.( Except for one year when the teacher and her aid were pastors wives) I made friends easy and showed Christ in my life, but being a high energy person, HATED sitting for hours with nothing to do.I had to work anyway!Are you stuck in a job that is challenging? Do you have to endure long hours of drudgery? I finally made the decision with much prayer that I was done with Interpreting and changed fields. Stepping out on faith for a new directions wasn't easy but worth it.Take the challenge! Pray about what your next step is.When that season comes, step out. God may just be leading you into a new area that will change the rest of your life.