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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Goes around...

Ever sow a seed and watch it grow over time? It's amazing to watch. My grandpa was an Arkansas farmer in rice,beans,cattle and cotton for many years.My mother would tell of her adventures as a kid in the fields dressed from head to toe in the hot sun to pick long rows of cotton making 6 cents an hour. I love the long drives watching fields of freshly plowed soil. Often times I have this sudden urge to run out into the fresh dirt and sink my toes into it like sand. Never have I wanted to farm but I love watching things grow.Sometimes in our adventure to go after the dream God has placed in our lives we meet the most fascinating people that we would have never meet if we had not went after the dream. Seeds are sown and God just waters and a relationship is born.We have had the pleasure of meeting many people along the way that I still to this day am amazed by.After Christmas we visited such friends. A minister and his wife who had come to the island and we were able to pour love into them. However, the seed of exchange is great.
We enjoyed great food and fellowship in their lovely home and we got to meet their talented sons. They will be with us for the Valentines banquet. We are praying Jordan can come Oak Assembly for a concert this spring. Once again I am blessed just knowing God's people.
We know God had great things for them all. The entire family is seeking all that God has for them. I pray favor and blessings on them where ever they may go.