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Sunday, February 12, 2012

He's Still Working On Me

Have you ever met someone one time and few years later they look incredibly different? It's like they have blossomed. I remember one time when we were traveling, full-time in an RV ministering in so many states, there was this one small church in Arkansas.It was a pitiful place. The pastor and his wife were great people. She was Spanish and he worked a secular job to make ends meet.I remember us trying to squeeze our RV into the church yard and just waited on them to come. Now this was over 15 years ago. My first instinct was to sit and say to myself yet another small church! I would sit just fuming and ask.. How is it that people who are connected through family or their pastor could fly all over to these huge churches and make Cd's with absolutely hardly any talent,and some born into a pre-paved paths as well as others who had talent but very little character? We get to pioneer our way from one church after another with no help but from God!Now I am thankful for every small church as well as all the rest for I learned something from each one that I needed for life now. After that nights service we went over to their house. It was a mansion! It had over 5,000 square feet of space.God had blessed them with a deal through a foreclosure and it was an amazing home.I remember one statement he made that night. "It's not fair to judge people where they are. God is not finished with them yet." It was like he had just read my mind. As we sat down with them we learned that they had outgrown that small building and had bought property to build a new building. Years later we went to preach for that pastor again. This time in their new worship center and the amount of growth was outstanding. You see when you judge people you will either experience PRIDE or Depression.It was an amazing lesson that I will never forget. I am not done growing. We are not done building. You are not done growing. You are not done building the dream God has given you.Success is not a destination! It is a Journey! When you set yourself up to judge others you set yourself up in your own snare.Give people the benefit of the doubt!Trust God alone! If they stay close to God they will grow! They will change!" He is still working on me....to make me what I ought to be....There really ought to be a sign upon my heart saying don't judge me yet if there is an unfinished part...."