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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Long Sweethearts

I had no idea all the twist and turns we would make from the day I married him to now.
This morning my one and only leaned over and said "we are Life long sweethearts" We have known each other all our lives or so it seems. He was the boy next door. We were raised in the same church. He played the drums and I played the piano. We were friends first! Later we fell in love.Our story is much like Anne of Avonlee. He is a great husband and a really good dad. I watch him shepherd his people with a heart of love. Because he really cares! I one time told him."Gosh if we could have had a pastor who cared as much as you do, life for us would have been different." It's his hard work and true heart that makes him rise above it all. I am blessed to be married to him. Although life with him is not perfect,  I still have the best! I am thankful  for such a gift in my life.