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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Memory of a Father

Sometimes you just ask yourself "Why?" Why would God choose to take such a great man away? I look around and I see men of horrible character. I see men who cheat, steal, beat their wives and are hooked on alcohol. Out of all the darkness why did one persons light have to go out? Memories of him are great. He had great character. He was faithful to my mother. He never cheated on her once! Marvin was a mans man. He would hunt and fish like a pro. Everything he did he did it by the book. His melancholic ways were crazy at times yet endearing. He was consistent and you could count on him. He didn't have to do it but he took me in as his little girl and loved me like any father loves a child. To that I am so thankful! His relationship with God was amazing! There was times as a child he would be in his room just praying to God. His form of relaxation was to read a Louis La more book before dinner. He should have been a professor in a college because he was brilliant. Poverty and ignorance stole that far from him. He did not leave us with much, but what he did I will use. Thank You Marvin Stow...my dad.Passed away Feb. 15th 2010