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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simple Entertaining

There are many ways to entertain. I just have a simple way that makes life easier. Atmosphere of soft lights, fire, music and water sounds make a great ambiance. I have steps I always like to follow when I entertain.
1. Simple Horderves and one drink that greets people with a welcome and makes them all feel great. Explaining how the evening is going to go on a card sent ahead makes it easier for all of your guests.
2. Have a place for them all to go away from the dinner table is important. 3. After starting conversations with everyone my wonderful husband continues as I sneak away and set up the Salad table, Entree' table, and soup into the bowls ( in that order) I love white dishes. It is so easy to match anything you design for whatever season.
4. I invite everyone to the table and we starting with soup first, then as they finish with that they go to the salad and drink table on their own.
5. After everyone is finished with the salads I remove their plates and serve only one Entree' and a side. 6. I love to sit and chat after dinner near a fire eating dessert, chocolates and sipping on coffee.We learn so much about people that God has placed in our lives around the fire. I love it!
(My outdoor inspiration) I know this involves a lot but it gets easier the more you entertain.