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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Paid For It?

I have a serious question Mr. Obama....
Who was it that moved to a place where I didn't want to, to help a dying father with his business so he wouldn't lose everything? The Government wasn't there. You weren't there when we invested into a very small business that a man with the sweat of his brow and the hard work from his back built a Window service company. Are you so arrogant  that you want to tell me that it was the government that spent nights praying that God would give us wisdom on how to build a better business after my husbands father passed away? Who stayed up nights in a duplex with three small kids watching my husband get up at 4 a.m. to go spend hours gaining new clients? It was a hard working man who built this great business! It was blessings from our Savior who opened many doors for us. The Government didn't! We scraped and worked to turn a small business into what it is today! We paid our taxes to pay for all what you say the Government did. You have a very warped view of the world. When you say change Mr. President do you mean the complete control of a Tyrant? So when you say Government I say Who elected you? When you want to make your bold statements and pin them on everyone else remember you only won by the skin of your teeth on your first election. So I ask you again who was it REALLY that paved a way for us? So while you are busy hosting all Muslims and the extreme minded people like Al Sharpton remember it was not you or them that built this country While you divide the nation so you can try your control get ready because WE THE PEOPLE ARE A LOT STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!