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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Pastors Wife's Rantings Solved

Shallow Roots

 A lot of our churches today have become Daycares. Transferred growth of another. It's fake. It is not real growth. When people leave and come in large groups BEWARE! Easy come Easy go! Usually your just number 5 or 6 of the many churches they have come to. Once a person learns how to run in a season they don't like, then it becomes easier and easier to run every time they do not like happens. But pretty soon they are marked as church hoppers. In our church we had a group of people (all family) follow each other in. What's crazy is all of their prayers were starting to be answered. Their children, nephews, sisters, and marriages completely restored back to God. Your not going to believe this, but when there was a season of difficulty in the church ( all churches have them) they ran again. But we soon discovered this was most of their patterns. Because they wanted an excuse to leave they blew up any situation way out of proportion so they did not feel so guilty about taking their exit. Then their old cycle began. One man who was already on the church board when we got here. This was his 5th church to get on the board of a church and blow up at the pastor. Soon his family and all of thier disgruntlement started following to "greener pastures." Unbelievable! When I was growing up we didn't have a lot of that. If a church member was transferred then they had to have a letter from their former pastor. If they didn't have one then they were marked and could not be a member. I think that still should be in affect today.( Especially if they are all family) Because when one gets offended they all get offended. When one starts talking, they all start talking. If they out number the pastor then their voices are all trained to say the same things the loudest. When more are speaking, then it has to be true Right? NO! Real growth in a church is not a transferred growth of wining people who follow each other around. Blowing things out of proportion and who like the sound of their own voice rather than listening to the truth! Its people who have sit on pews for years and are so morbidly spiritually obese that it's sad. Because you see they all have collected sermons like cars, but yet do nothing with them. Living out a religion. There is no passion. There is no growth. Gaining knowledge, but have years of trouble. All they can do is glutton for themselves. Constantly complaining! It's too hot! You mean I can't sing every service! We need more hymnals songs! I just don't feel the anointing! I am not being fed!What do you mean that all my family can't be in control! On and On the complaints come exhausting the Holy Spirit. I have learned now to Check their back grounds, Ask their former pastor! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.It's passed on from generation to generation until they are no longer in church.It produces WEAK inconsistent spiritual children. Sucking their thumb at any discomfort.Taking their toys and going home mentality.Then taking their destructive spirits with them. After all, If I am not happy then I am not playing. Peace you say! PEACE. It's a spiritual battle!

Lord, please Fill our pews with hungry new souls. Souls that can have a teachable spirit and that can grow up correctly.God please help all the" So called Christians" who want a cotton candy religion.
Choosing Christ is really signing up for a battle. But that makes us strong!Its' for the front line people. It's not for the soft limb wristed Christians that want Peace and Love all the time. It's for the strong and the unselfish who sacrifice their tiny comfort zones to bring the gospel to a lost and dying world ,instead of protecting their perfect world that is all tied up in a bow that they have worked so hard to maintain.
It's for the people who truly give their hearts not their heads. By their fruit you will know them. They will be revealed! Their true colors will shine right through at the first sign of conflict or discomfort.Its for the ones who have a LIFE God can build on. The ones that are not switching from church to church every few years when things get hard. No wonder they are losing their generations. Their children all are faltering. No wonder when there is a storm they fall over. Why? SHALLOW ROOTS.It blinds them from all the potential that is around them. It blinds them from seeing the positive in the storm. It deafens them to hear the lost and dying. But opens their itching ears up for lies and twisted stories. When the enemies that oppose the work of God and has a reputation of destruct, then they are blind and deaf to seek the real truth. 
"Comfort....MY Comfort is more important than the souls that are around me". Is what they hear. Where are the soldiers? Where are the lives God can build on? Where are the people that can see a destructive patterns and not follow blindly after it. Where are the deep rooted Christians that are raising Godly sons and Daughters, the sons and daughters that can be themselves, having their own identity. Their own walk with Christ rather than fold to the pressure to manipulate each other into following them. Where are the hungry souls that are not asleep? Where are the people that will stand up for whats right and not cave into deception? Would the REAL Christians stand up?
 So my husband sees me ranting about these people and says to me. " God's Got This! God is removing all the DNA that is all alike. They all have the same weak spirit Because where we are going they would never be able to handle it."