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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thyroid Storm

I took a nap days ago and when I woke up I had a chest cold with soreness in my lungs. The soreness went up to the upper part of the chest and I got shortness of breath. I soon started to get pain in my back.
Thinking it was bronchitis, I thought it might be asthma. The pain got worse in my chest. Soon my husband took me the emergency. Rushed to the back  they attended to me with swift care. My heart rate was at dangerous levels. I was going into congestive heart failure. My heart was enlarged. The fluid from my lungs and heart started the t cough. They were concerned about stroke. I have to remember back to when the symptoms started, in which I totally ignored. God is Great. He has brought me through this to the other side. It will be a slow process to recovery but I am thankful!
I have always had heart beat races. I just thought it was part of my make-up. In the last two years I noticed my memory was forgetting things. My heart started racing all the time. Extreme hot and cold flashes. My voice began to sound hoarse. I started to get dizzy a lot. Then, last year I suffered from anxiety for 6 months. After testing at the Dr. office my TSA levels was higher then normal.. I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism I wanted to wait for more testing till after Christmas. Time caught up! Don't let the signs be ignored.
Thyroid warning signs.


Other symptoms that can occur with this disease:

Thyroid Storm

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Thyroid storm results from untreated hyperthyroidism. It is usually brought on by a stress such as trauma or infection.


Symptoms are severe and may include: