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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

28 Day Challenge

A few ladies in our church is taking on the 28 Day Fast Metabolism challenge. A few have already started ahead of me and has lost 20 pounds. Ask your Doctor before you start any diet. Buy the book The Fast Metabolism 28 lbs in 28 days, for better and clearer information. It goes in three phases. First phase: Phase 2:
Third phase:
Rules: Do 1.You must eat 5 times per day. 2.You must eat every three to four hours except when sleeping. 3.You must eat within 30 min. Of waking up every day. 4. You must stay on the plan for the full 28 days. 5.You must stick to the food allowed in your phase. 6.2 days of phase one,2 days of phase two and 3 days of phase three.Repeat all over until your 28 days are up. 7.Daily,you must drink half your body weight in water. You can have non caffeine all natural drinks made from only natural sweetners like stevia.Tea and lemonade do not count as your water portion. 8.Eat all organic when possible. 9.Meats must be Nitrate free.All meats have to be lean and healthy. 10.Exercise according to your phase. DON'TS 1. No wheat 2. No corn ,it puts weight on your back,belly and arms 3. No dairy 4. No soy 5. No refind sugars,honey,maple syrup, agava nectar 6. No caffeine 7. No alcohol 8. No dried fruit or fruit juices 9. No artificial sweetners 10.No fat free diet foods SNACK IDEAS: Grains: whole grain crackers, Brown rice, Sprout grain bread, Pretzels, Steel cut oats, Barley, Quinoa, Quinoa pasta, FRUIT: Wide variety of your favs PROTEIN: Nuts and seeds related in third phase only Hummas, Almond butter, all natural, Almond butter, Tuna cans with mustard, Beef, turkey jerky Smoked salmon on cucumber, Hard boild egg white part only Celery and a multi of dips like almond butter, hummas,tuna salad or chicken salad Avocado with veg minced All lean low fat meats VEGGIES: Enjoy a wide variety, except no potatoes or corn. I started two day ago and I am now in phase two. I have added some vitamins,green coffee bean and colon cleanse to my diet as well. I Got on the scale and I have lost 5 lbs. Im sure its water weight right now.
So,here it goes... ..
Down ten feeling so much better!