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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nollia Art

Sometimes in life we come to many crossroads, revelations, and opportunities. It is what we do with them that counts. Life has handed me many lemons along the way, but by Gods grace, I have turned most of them into lemon pies. I think our willingness to always grow and willingness to always change no matter the age is a priceless privilege. Grace gives us the strength to do just that. In my topics when I speak, I cover many ways God is always trying to get us closer to our calling, purpose and what he created us for. Whether that be Over Coming Fear, Living Fully Alive, The Grace Steps in seeing The Dream, Overcoming Tradgedy, Faith Facts or Fiction, In Up Out and Over, The Promise, Children Part of your Destiny, Personality Plus...Rest and Refresh in the Ministry, Ministry Mindset Serving Heart, Hospitality, Ministry Core, Living The Ministry. As a certified trained Life Coach, I experience many women at many different points and levels  in their lives. There is nothing sadder to me, than when someone who says "I could have, I should have but I never did" and keeps that mentality to their grave.We are all meant to impact the world God gives us in a very special way big or small.
I was 43 years old and had been at one of our Life Groups. The DVD lesson that night was Fully Alive by Ken Davis, It Set me on fire! I had been giving many pieces of my life to people, emotions, and to way too much stuff. I was not taking very much in for myself. I realized I really had not picked up my art in over 18 years for the pure fun of it. So, I had a God idea on a new 2d art. Mixing photography of any style (vase,purse,hats,pot,dish,baskets, lanterns, rubber boots,ball gowns,wedding gowns,bridesmaids and flower girl dresses) that you could put flowers on or into, attached with embellished real or fake flowers onto any kind of canvas. Nollia Art name, plus design is the Trademarkand the designs and steps are all reg. Copyrighted. My mother's name is Nola and mine is Angelia put them together and you get Nollia. All art pieces that I create are registered copyright. They are numbered and photographed for authentic.They all come with our trademark embossed onto an attached card design.The Nollia art collection now or futures designs are registered copyrights.