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Monday, June 30, 2014

13 Great Ideas For a Neat Garage

I have to admit, Anthony and I love a neat and organized home. I hope to have a great balance between perfection and direction. I am pretty relaxed and laid back when it comes to the house and the boys. But there are times I just have had enough. My two oldest are not neat at all! Ashton will keep his stuff neat in his room but is horrible about cleaning up after himself. I try. I mean try,but I do not always succeed in the area of not being to upset when I have to make them clean up for the 500th time! I don't like to be around legalistic, perfectionist, OCD, weirdos, when it comes to their house. A house is to live in, it's not a museum. Yes, I have to admit my home decor and furniture has to be a certain way. I want order but I try not be anal about it. That's just my take. A lot of precious time is wasted when you get frustrated about things being out of order. BALANCE!!! If your a miserable person to be around because all your stuff is not cleaned and perfect,You may need counseling to get your emotions in order so you will not be trying to substitute a physical thing, when it's really a past issue you have to resolve. Live out of the box baby! Organized and relax. Don't sweat the small stuff. Kids are not around for a long time. I would rather them remember me as a relaxed neat person than an angry mom who can't keep her house perfect!