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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

San Diego

This summer my husband, oldest son and myself traveled to San Diego, CA. We are here for an ARC training. (planting churches) This is our first time in California. We have traveled to most of the states but this is our first time on the West Coast.
It is a lot different than I was imagining. It has more of  a Spanish influence in all of their designs and architectural building. It is a lot more mountainous than I thought. Here are a few pic. taken both in San Diego, Carlsbad(my favorite town so far in this area) and Ocean Side.

For the best shopping to get the feel of the area we found along Highway 101 along the beach, after leaving San Diego was amazing!!! http://www.sandiego.org/articles/tours-sightseeing/highway-101-california.aspx
South Cobras Avenue was fantastic!

Carlsbad Village was a great way to spend the evening walking downtown and by the beach.