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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Charleston South Carolina

I was not impressed with Charleston thinking it was crowded and congested until we crossed into the downtown area near the water. Then it's beauty opened up to me. Honestly, the best way to see it and not have to worry about parking is take a horse carriage ride.They offer free parking all day if you have a reserved ticket in advance. Take the ride in the morning so you can get a good view of everything first. The tours last about an hour. It is fun! You can get great pictures if you request to sit in the back. I recommend the Palmetto Company.
It was a good experience.

A bit of history I thought was interesting about the wealthiest family in Charleston years ago.....

Their daughter got married and when she went up to change her clothes, she found a letter from her father with a check for $75,000(value over 3 million) to build her dream home. Not to be out done by the father, her father-n-law paid for the newly married couple to take a two year honeymoon all over Europe to purchase all the furnishings for her new home. The home is a B&B today.