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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quote For The Day

As pastors you find out in time who has a teachable spirit. We have had to correct some fools in the past who have left the church because they could not take correction. So it was on to church number.... My mother always told me the best Leaders make the best followers. You have to learn how to follow and be able to submit to a pastor before you can ever lead in ministry. It's not about being weak or becoming doormat to a man. A shepherd will love and correct at the same time. He will treat you with  respect and correction. I t does not always make our pride feel good. The people who can not submit under it, when it is necessary for the growth and health of the church, will stunt their spiritual growth. Then it is back to the same mountain to go around.( Or settle in Gad. Or get swallowed by a hole in the ground.) It is better to humble yourself and trust God does have a Shepherd out there who does love you. He wants to see God's best in you. But, often times your ideas of what is best is not God's ideas. 
I knew a girl who was abused when she was young by older men. She took that abuse with her in her marriage and every where she went in ministry. Instead of trusting a loving savior to heal her and change her. She always had to be in control. She could never submit under authority. Although very talented, she could never truly develop because she took spirits unto herself from the abuse. Her fruit was not good. It would have been better for her to get professional Christian help and heal than to fight all the time with her own mind of control. When it came to men she was extremely disrespectful and called no man pastor because she could not be corrected. She has lived a foolish life. Where she could have been great, she has remained in poverty, defeat, and brokenness.
Choose today to live out a better life in CHRIST. Humble your self and ask God to help you learn enough to trust him and do what he has ask you to do, and that is Submit to the Authority he has set you under. Pray for those who are in Authority over your soul. God will deal with that pastor if he is in the wrong. Stop jumping from church to church and ending up where you start every time.
Growth,,,,,,REAL Spiritual growth comes from being able to be corrected!