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Monday, September 22, 2014

Single Ladies Advice

I have sat with many single ladies in ministry and have heard many stories and examples. Some were looking for a mate, others just came out of devastating relationships. Some have taken  wise advice and others did what they wanted to without listening to any advice and now regret it to this day. Always look to someone you can respect in ministry for wise counsel.

The best top 5 advice tips I can give to all single women is this.
1. Do not marry a project
2. Do not marry a boy, marry a man.
3. Do not marry someone that you have to emotionally carry all the time.
4. Do not marry a man who looks outside of marriage to fulfill him. He will always be looking for something better around every corner.
5. Do not marry a self absorbed person. Life will be forever revolving around his every thought and you and the family will be put on the back burner...While he is always trying to excel.