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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Authentic, Genuine, Love and Acceptance

In some groups you have to look a certain way to be accepted or even feel loved. You have to measure up or work you way"to the top." I love how God said "Who so ever will " I do not see any qualifying in that statement. Yet some people pervert the gospel by making you do hoops and loops at the cross to be saved or accepted. They change the meaning of welcoming in. I think God got extremely angry one time when he went to the temple and saw them charging people to get into the temple to worship God. They were saying, what the people brought was not good enough. They had to buy their animals. Also, at one point the people got lazy and just didn't even bother to bring their own sacrifice because they knew they could buy it at the door. Weird! Let me tell you....Christ got Angry!!! Who are you to cheat people at Calvary. Making people hang heavy barriers between them and Christ. That is why some live in a box and are very small box.

What We love about this conference is everything is done by great teams. No shooting stars. To be honest, no one really knows their names.  All the ladies in the ministry leadership luncheon is so non judgmental. You are accepted like you are. There is no pressure of competition. As you look around there are no clicks.No platform sitting people who feel so achieved they are chosen for all to see. I love that about the Assembly, you never see that. No over sweet people trying to look good. I have yet to see a dynasty section. I have yet to see a parade of haughty ladies strutting their outfits and hair dos.
 Looking around you see a little heaven on earth. Everyone loving one another with no elitism! There are so many ladies who are doing great things for God. Pastor's wives who run hundreds and thousands in their church and you would never know. It's about Christ! He is the true Super Star!  I love this! Hundreds here, but room for hundreds more. Awwww that's what home should feel like.