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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is new with no mistakes in it., full of GRACE!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mother and a Daughter

I love my mother, but we are so different yet, in some weird way we are so alike. It is so strange. She loves people! I think she keeps up with all her past friends on facebook every day. She is always telling me about all the people she is keeping up with. "You got to go check out their pages look at this and that," keeping up with the past is really a difficult thing for a person who pretty much lives in the future. I love all things new. New day full of Grace. Fresh new vision! Planning ahead and organizing future events are so fun!!! But it can be a fault. New is great, but what about today? Are you so busy planning and dreaming for a better tomorrow that you do not appreciate today? Guilty!
Today, I will stop and smell the maple shaped cookies at the coffee house. I commit to slowing down and seeing what is around me.

my mother...great lady