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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valetine's Day

I met someone today that said something about Valentine's Day. He said Valentine's Day is just another day. It is a made up Holiday for people to make more money. It is really just like any other day. If a guy wants to date or give a gift to his sweetheart then he can any time he wants to. (however I hope he really does shower his love anytime of the year with well planned out events and surprises  or maybe he plans out great weekly dates.without her help..)
 He does  not need people telling him when to do it. So my response to him..."Then there goes your Birthday Day, Christmas and Father's Day. Because after it all it's just a day for people to make money......

This did make me curious though....I wanted to know what the true history behind it was.
I found it very interesting. In fact it is NOT a commercialized only Holiday it does have meaning..

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