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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Grasshopper Myth

by Karl Vaters

I have to say I just read one of the most interesting books on small church  and  large church. I loved it! I totally agree. Not all pastors are called to build a large church. Anthony and I worked on staff with a church that ran around 2400 when we were there at the time. Please allow me to say this from my point of view without judgement. It was a monster that consumed that pastor and his wife. I often felt sorry for them. I know they had to pastor Ranch style, so it was quite an eye opening experience coming from much smaller church experience.They were called to it and loved it! However, I am not sure if that is what we are even called to do. But that does not make them better than us. We walk in our callings and produce the talents given to us to multiply. We are responsible to that! Good and faithful servants. As an ARC plant there are many of the pastors that have had huge churches success over night. However, not every one did using that method. Smaller communities do not respond in that way. It takes some smaller towns longevity to get into an area for good healthy growth. Really it is not all about numbers it is about the Health and truly understanding the calling where God has you.

"I propose that the following about the new small church.
We are not stuck
We are not failing
We are not incompetent
We are not limited in our vision
We do not need to be fixed
We are not less then....
We are God's idea
We are small" from The Grasshopper Myth by Karl Vaters

I highly recommend this book for all pastors. We can learn from each other.