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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where I Stand (or Kneel)

I am so tired of the smallest minority acting like everything they say is fact and we must bow down to all of their complaints!!! It Does not matter if its the gay rights issue to the black racist cards that are thrown around in everyone's face like EVERYONE is in agreement with them. When in fact....they are not! It's like the small mouse behind the light that makes them appear big! Media is that light! So because people are weak and spineless in so many ways they can not stand up for what they truly believe. So let's all get along and sing kumbaya .  Honestly I am so tired of being pushed around by the media saying I am a bigot, or I am racist because I do not agree with their rhetoric.
 If I choose to bow down to any one then I choose to bow my knee before an all Mighty God. I do so freely!
" When Chick-fil-a president Dan Cathy said in public that he stands for Christian values and that his company is built on those values, the LGBT community and their supporters went nuts. All of a sudden an incredible firestorm of vitriol exploded forth. It began with negative reports in the media, continued with high profile entertainers uttering expletives and vowing to never again eat at Chick-fil-a, and climaxed with several big city mayors and influential council members vowing to use their influence to keep Chick-fil-a stores from opening in their cities. All this from the people who are calling Christians intolerant
One of the real difficulties for Christians is that slowly, over the last two to three generations, a new set of beliefs has taken over as the dominant foundation of American culture. The shift has been rapid, but not sudden. It has basically slipped in and, piece by piece, pushed Christian values to the side. Because of this gradual shift, even many Christians have, without even realizing it, incorporated many of the non-Christian beliefs into their own value systems.
A great illustration of this is a Facebook post by a Christian who wrote, “I can’t tell if all of the people who posted pictures of Chick-fil-a today are anti-human rights, or pro-diabetes … either way, can we please stop wasting time discriminating.” You see, being opposed to “homosexual marriage” has been turned from sin into discrimination. The result is that Christians are now seen by many in the pop culture as being “bigots and homophobes.”
Without even realizing it, not only have the definition of words been changed, but even our understanding of the nature of Christian values. Truly, what is a homophobic? The word itself would suggest it to be someone who fears homosexuals. Common definitions expand that, however, to include not only fear but hatred, as well.
And a bigot? What is that? The basic definition is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Honestly, there are most likely people who call themselves Christians who truly are homophobic and bigoted based on these definitions. That being said, homophobia and bigotry are not Christian values, and no person who is truly following Christ would ever be homophobic or bigoted. In fact, just the opposite. We certainly do recognize homosexuality as a deviation from God’s ideal for humanity, but it is certainly possible to not accept what God has revealed as sinful behavior, yet not be fearful of, hateful toward or blindly intolerant of an individual.
If the truth were told, those in the LGBT community demonstrate a great deal more hatred and intolerance toward Christians and Christian belief than the other way around. If any true bigotry exists, it is much more prominent on the other side." Marketfaith