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Friday, April 10, 2015

In Total Agreement!


I just about come out of my seat when I read this! I so feel like this!!!!!

Here is my fear and frustration: How much of our life

 will we waste being blindsided by people and 

situations that don’t matter? Are we so frail that we 

are willing to trade in our best days for living in the 

pit of unrealized expectations? Do we think so little 

of ourselves that we permit the claws of injustice to 

rape us of our God appointed destiny? Will we 

enthrone feelings of burnout and loss empowering

 them to strip away our peace? At the end of our 

days will we look back with embarrassment realizing 

that we authorized superficial feelings to snatch joy 

right out of our life? Is it then, we will have an

 epiphany that the insignificant consumed and

 destroyed the significant? traceymitchell