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Monday, June 29, 2015

Celebration Service

This Sunday was our last service in the local Elementary School.
It has been exciting yet, very challenging at the same time. This season, (9 months)we have seen great spiritual growth. We know that planting a new church is not easy and not for every one. Setting up and then taking it all down after service, with excellence, takes a great team. It takes A hard working group of Christians who love God more than convenience. God blessed us with some great people! Hardworking, faithful, and loving. Quiting was not an option for most of them. Amazing team!!!! So blessed!!! Onto the next phase for Promise Church. Our media team is putting together a time lapse of our 9 months here. I will post later.

Last service pic.

Picnic time

Meet the team, later more came to be a part of our worship media team

One of the series that Pastor did that made a great impact

Life Group