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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Overcoming Dyslexia


As a child I could not grasp the concept of letters or numbers. I really did not learn to read fully until the fourth grade. Everything looked so confusing. I did not understand why. I had both letter and sentence dyslexia. Most of the letters were backwards to me and I could not get my words sentence structure correct for communication. I say God has really helped me. Now I write all the time and math is not as crazy as it was in elementary. To this day I still will skip words and spelling is not my greatest strength. When you read my blogs you will find mistakes and yes I do need an editor. Just keeping it real. I will drive all you English majors crazy with all my mistakes. Just read between the lines. See my heart.
 I have learned to overcome. Life for sure can throw you some real lemons. I just say....make
Lemon cheese cake!