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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grief and Anger

One of the stages of Grieving is ANGER. This Anger can be reincarnated from childhood events. The truest process of a person is to be able to pass each stage without getting stuck into one of these stages for long periods of time. I have seen so many people get stuck in anger. It comes out in very aggressive ways. It could be a temporary change of lifestyle.Which I think is fantastic if it's channeled into the right ways. But unfortunately it can serve the purpose to distract the person from the pain within for only a few years and then fizzles.  I can always tell when a person is stuck in grief by the anger they surround themselves within their language. It becomes a big show off event, surrounded by, You Can't Stop Me #$$#%^$^$^%@###  It's one thing to develop into an amazing new way. But when it is surrounded by vulgarity and I will Show YOU, "get out of my way" attitude, it's Anger masked that has never been dealt with. PRIDE is one of the fruits of Anger. You want a lasting change in lifestyle, not an I'm Big, Bad, Awesome, Hard and .....angry. When It's time to go to the next stage of grief then you want to be able to emotionally heal and continue your new life changes. Or maybe it's midlife crises and developing anger to motivate your new cause can turn ugly. There is only one who can help you through life's crazy moments and sustain you for a real life change. Christ! Without him, the real Christ, not the form of some Jesus you have made up to fit your lifestyle, but Life Changing, Humble, healing, forgiving Jesus. There is an old song that has been sung in thousands of churches and it goes like this...."Only Jesus can satisfy your soul, Only he can take your life and make you whole. He'll give you peace you never knew, sweet love and Joy and Heaven too....Only Jesus can satisfy your soul." Life is this small vapor away from death. We are not promised tomorrow. Here on earth is nothing compared to eternity. Eternity is forever and ever....and ever.... and ever.......Let's do it right down here so we can enjoy it up there. Together.