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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Soap Box

Indulge me for a minute....please. When we were on the island as I was walking toward the Grand Hotel there was a man and his wife riding their bike and OMGSH she bossed him loudly all the way. At the same time there was another couple in front of me as this other couple passed by. They turned to me and just rolled their eyes and made a comment....and I totally agreed! They wanted to know where I was from and I said" Missouri, Where we respect our men!" They all laughed. I know you will find bossy women every where. But I am sorry If you are a loud, bossy women who shoots her mouth off at her man YOUR UGLY!( OK< OK a much nicer way to put it is to say you do not help your image or character, you damage it)  Your man is not your dog! He is your husband! Now, do I believe that a women should be a door mat and take what her man dishes out in disrespect....ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! However, he is the head of the home. If you don't trust his leadership, get a counselor! Pray for him and love him, honor him and respect him. Build him up! He will ask you your opinion. He will respect your leadership abilities and release you to help lead if he desires. However, If you paint your nails, get your hair done and bother to look nice with a great outfit...don't bother if you are rude to your husband and disrespectful! Because to everyone your trying to impress or make an impression on, thinks you are ugly. And Ladies if your man is a pastor or in the ministry...shut your mouth! To boss him in front of everyone totally undermines his authority. You are a horrible pastors wife. Never ever interrupt him to take over a conversation, Never ever correct him over and over, Just let the man talk!   Even if you pastor along side him, he still is the leader! You can't emasculate your man and expect him to lead correctly. If I was a member of your church I would totally, in my heart, have no respect for you. That would be enough for me to look for another church. I do not over speak my husband. I do not boss him in any way. I hate that.  I am a type A personality. Anthony and I have been together for 25 years married for almost 23 and I am a few years older than him. Yes, all of that had to be hashed out. But even in our earlier years I knew that you just don't do that. We both lead but he IS the pastor and I follow him whole heartily.  He was/is the Missionary/Evangelist and I totally followed him. Of course I stand up to any disrespect he may give me. But He does the same. I like that! I call him pastor in front of everyone because he is my pastor. I want to respect and honor him. I lead the way for others to do the same......just saying.....