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During our first pastorate in Perryville, Missouri, we had so many great experiences. One of those experiences was meeting a young man at t...

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Behind The Scenes

A lot of pastors are just showing you the HIGHLIGHTS of their ministry. But there is another side to the coin. They are not showing you the sleepless nights, the betrayals, the lack of confidence and faith at times. They are not showing you the pain and frustration of having to deal with people and their problems. They don't show you the threats of Jezebels that try taking the church in a different direction. They do not let you know the depression they face at times from mere exhaustion....no, that's what you don't see.
But for every battle there is a victory. And for every victory there is a battle

This a pastor who is pacing back and forth along the drive way talking to a lady for long periods of time, who has decided Meth, is the best answer for all her troubles after jail. He spends time in prayer taking her before the throne of God, reaching through the phone into her soul and spirit man, Trying to save her before its too late.That is what no one sees.