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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Instagram Highlights

I love pictures! Photographs is something I have collected every since I have been little. My dad was a hobby photographer developing his own film in his dark room. His photos have been taken in Germany to Vietnam War. I remember as a little child sitting hours looking at all the family pictures till I memorized each detail.
Instagram is really Interesting. I do not follow any one at this time. Some day I may join in the fun. But for now I am totally enjoying peoples pictures of their lives. I love to see all kinds of lifestyles, its interesting, wither it's people I know or some neat fashion or decor grams. There is one thing I have found in all of them. Highlights..and I am not talking hair. People only give you the fun stuff. They only show you the good stuff, which there is nothing wrong with that. I am guilty.They will not show you the every day grind. They only show you the beautiful pictures of their lives.  No one wants to see the real side of life right?   like:

When your son does not do his chores because he is working on a creative project. You have to make the hard decision do I do it for him or wait and let him finish, then let him unload the dishwasher before I can load the dirty dishes?

Or When you oldest son comes home and does laundry and leaves it every where and I am waiting patiently till he is done. Do I do it for him? NO!

Or your middle son is so creative and in his talented world, cleaning his room is like pulling teeth. All of his clean clothes get piled high before he puts them away. It is an on going battle. Do I put the clothes away for him to create a mommy reliant kid? NO!

You see that's the highlights of life that no one wants to see....I am developing independent, responsible kids. My house is not like that most of the time but I wanted you to see how life can be.
So for all you precious young ministers wives who get on instagram and compare your life to the perfect picture, just remember it's staged or photoshopped and life is not always like that! People spend a lot of time trying to appear to be perfect and oh so much better than the average woman. But in reality they too have areas that are not so perfect.
Beauty of life comes in all shapes and sizes....and I am not talking weight. There is beauty in faithfulness to a family that drives you nuts at times. There is beauty in making the hard decisions to put your perfection aside so your kids have room to breath, grow and relax.   There is beauty in putting ministry first at times so people can find Christ instead of the comfort of staying in your safety zones. There is beauty in taking care of someone who is sick and your so concerned about them that you don't worry about fashion and the makeup. So much to be said here...Balance is the key. There is beauty even in that.....So Highlights are far more than pretty, cute pictures of your life.